Girls’ Accessories

The older little girls are, the more they pay and the parents on how they dress. For the perfect outfit with matching accessories may not be missing

What are accessories?

Accessories are “accessories” that complete and spice up outfits. Let the hearts of girls racing. From matching hairband or headband with feathers or jewellery, to fashion jewellery, scarves and watches, among many little things, Belt not only have the effect that the pants from slipping, but can also be a fashionable detail. Sweet tights combined into a rock, the highlight are bad back and keep your girl on cool days warm.



Accessories for cold days

Especially on cold days it is important to protect the little ones optimal. For warm apparels is the basis. Besides thick jackets for children and some accessories are good thermal donors. In accessory shop so you can find a wide range of snuggly hats, scarves and gloves in various designs and styles. How about a cute princess hat as winter accessory? Or perhaps you prefer a pair of gloves, such as ski gloves cool? The accessories for girls of OWNOW’s satisfaction and our toys for girls give pleasure again!


How to know which online store is good or bad?

It’s really simple, you just have to start reading the comments on their social networks in your blog or own website if they exist, but in which you can better trust that the comments are real is in their social networks. Usually there are people who criticize poorly to online stores but usually most people who did not order correctly or did not know how to buy correctly. That’s why before judging an online store you need to read a lot of comments and serves your own conclusions.

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Things to consider when choosing coats

Jackets should comfortably; it is one of the most important features if needed heat. And only then, will be to assess the design of the product. Choose, therefore, that the woman’s coat is not so easy. Some women like to choose colors for each outfit and follow the same selection, Choose a coat. But these colors, while the attention of others, is the negative properties quickly, to annoy owners. We can’t say that’s too bright variants are suitable for events and ceremonies only rarely. The fur a day wear on box, it is desirable that a practical colors to choose from, but only at a time they should be unobtrusive. And there is a good compromise.

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For every occasion the right fashion for women’s

Be among the fashion conscious ladies who always go with the latest fashion trends and eager to emulate the Stars & Celebrities from Hollywood? Or do you prefer elegant classics that inspire not only with a timeless feminine style, but also with high-quality quality? Or look for when buying the new Women’s Clothing particular attention to the comfort and the greatest possible compatibility?

The perfect wardrobe

Every day we go in our closet on the search for the perfect styling. But no matter how many parts we carry after shopping home, we still have ready the feeling that you have never hang the right in the closet. OWNOW.COM Fashion Shop has therefore compiled tips and tricks for the perfect wardrobe, with every outfit an eye catcher is!

Basics for the wardrobe

In order to offer its style a foundation, belongs in a perfectly decorated wardrobe especially an extensive basic wardrobe. At that include not only a white blouse that fits with jeans, skirts and costumes, a few simple, flattering t-shirts and a cashmere sweater, which is particularly suitable for the transition period in spring and autumn. Another styling tip is to have at least a couple of well-fitting jeans and a black and grey skirt in the wardrobe.


Fashion Street wear Accessories

Jewellery and accessories are available in countless qualities and designs. For this purpose, every accessory represents a particular style and is an expression of different lifestyles and affiliations. So what exactly are street wear accessories? Street wear Fashion accessories are the small, subtle things that young people spice up your outfit. These young people live today mainly in the city, are open-minded and creative. Positive noticed is wichtigund them for that they also use fashion jewellery, glasses, belts, scarves, shawls, caps, hats or bags. Street wear accessories are exactly those things that are hot hard at young fashion generation. Anyone who wants to know exactly what that is who can view the said fashion accessory in 77onlineshop and fashion accessories shop in order Street wear low.


There is tons of opportunity to buy a beautiful jewellery. To say I love you, to say thank you, to say congratulations, to say “hey if I made me happy.” We chose to present 17 creative jewels, each more talented than each other. 17 women the unique world. This is a declaration of love to the hawkers that make our dream real jewelry treasures. Here’s their portrait.

There is a special bond with the jewel. Some of them remind us of good memories, someone close, an event. There are those that cannot happen and there are those that we forget in a jewelry box to find them a few years later. The purpose is the same: everyone else, everyone counts.

To find one to offer, be offered or afford, we decided to present 17 creative jewelry. Because today there are tons of small and great creative that deserve to take some floodlights. Their work is a marvel. Their passion is worth sharing.

You will discover their path, their world, their worship room. You will open the door of the different workshops. And you may have a few favorites.

Take your time, read chapter after chapter.

Note: no need to choose your favorite. They are all great. Judge for yourself.


Many types of jewelry for many occasions

Bangles and bracelets act sensual, as they usually golden or silver shimmer and conjure up a slim wrist. These include the elegant pieces of Alba Fashion, the style-conscious ladies provide an opportunity to put a clever dazzling effects. The bracelets act sometimes more rock: The models are equipped among other things with imitation leather, buckles, studs or rhinestones. The upbeat variations of J. JayZ in a particularly vibrant colors are suitable for everyday use and disseminate good mood. And necklaces draw the eye sent into the neckline, without being offensive. Fine shimmering beads and glittering pendants refine the optics, while colorful ethnic styles underscore the temperament of the wearer. Brooches are provided with practical clip that you attach any of various garments or pockets. Brooches values on solid-colored tops as tops or shirts, by ensuring an original contrast. Rings adorn the hand and have always been an ornament. Whether narrow, plain rings for everyday or richly decorated models for the event in the evening, we of OWNOW Fashion Jewellery offer a wide range – so you have for any occasion just the right accessory at your fingertips.