The latest trends in fashion

 The latest trendsin fashion call for the merging of trends or rather a fusion of cultures to bring out the best from diversity.  From party wear to work wear, various combinations are being experimented by designers so as to collaborate the traditional indian with funky western.

Trendy Spring/ summer 2015 Outfits for Women by OWNOW.COM

OWNOW gives a view of a trendy summer look. When temperatures rise, many women on the question of despair what they intended to be stylish but summery dressed.


Trendy summer look: OWNOW combines many trends

Better than OWNOW, you cannot dress up for the summer. The actress combines many trends of this season in an outfit and looks gorgeous.

The short, blue dress in the tunic style is breezy and casual. The pattern of the dress is playful. To do this, OWNOW combines a denim jacket. The rough jacket is a nice contrast to the easy dress. Since last summer, the denim jacket is back. The jacket can be of course safely at home at hot temperatures.

OWNOW wears outfit Roman sandals with a heel, which this summer is the trend in the shoes to her. Already last year has adorned the feet of Hollywood stars the comfortable, flat version of Newcomb or even Gladiator sandals.

Also the accessories by OWNOW are appropriately selected. The hat protects not only from sunstroke, but is the right place for a leisure outfit, cool and casual.

This summer look shows OWNOW not only a sense of style, but also provides inspiration to the own look. After styling is therefore strongly encouraged