The latest trends in fashion

 The latest trendsin fashion call for the merging of trends or rather a fusion of cultures to bring out the best from diversity.  From party wear to work wear, various combinations are being experimented by designers so as to collaborate the traditional indian with funky western.

Shop fashion jewellery with socially at OWNOW

At we have a concept of Social Shopping – so you can always take advise from your friends and well wishers who can help you shop. All from the comforts of their homes. No need to move around from store to store trying to select the perfect gift. No wasting time & money. That is an advantage of social shopping.

Women are often quite sophisticated and give a lot of hints about what they expect as a gift. and will usually always give you subtle. For the woman who has everything and is a little cumbersome, the road to the heart always jewellery. Women love to get a gift that means something.

If you are shopping for your Girlfriend – on you could always ask your Girl Friends friend to help you select the right Jewellery for her & you can make an informed choice.

It can be anything from classic to contemporary jewellery. Simply select whether it should be silver, gold or white gold. In the classical end is a simple ring, or exquisite earrings – something that can be always worn. And shown off…I call it adoring oneself ( know more about social fashion please visit at )