There is tons of opportunity to buy a beautiful jewellery. To say I love you, to say thank you, to say congratulations, to say “hey if I made me happy.” We chose to present 17 creative jewels, each more talented than each other. 17 women the unique world. This is a declaration of love to the hawkers that make our dream real jewelry treasures. Here’s their portrait.

There is a special bond with the jewel. Some of them remind us of good memories, someone close, an event. There are those that cannot happen and there are those that we forget in a jewelry box to find them a few years later. The purpose is the same: everyone else, everyone counts.

To find one to offer, be offered or afford, we decided to present 17 creative jewelry. Because today there are tons of small and great creative that deserve to take some floodlights. Their work is a marvel. Their passion is worth sharing.

You will discover their path, their world, their worship room. You will open the door of the different workshops. And you may have a few favorites.

Take your time, read chapter after chapter.

Note: no need to choose your favorite. They are all great. Judge for yourself.

Reff: http://www.cosmopolitan.fr/,17-creatrices-de-bijoux-qu-on-aime-a-la-folie,1918635.asp


Many types of jewelry for many occasions

Bangles and bracelets act sensual, as they usually golden or silver shimmer and conjure up a slim wrist. These include the elegant pieces of Alba Fashion, the style-conscious ladies provide an opportunity to put a clever dazzling effects. The bracelets act sometimes more rock: The models are equipped among other things with imitation leather, buckles, studs or rhinestones. The upbeat variations of J. JayZ in a particularly vibrant colors are suitable for everyday use and disseminate good mood. And necklaces draw the eye sent into the neckline, without being offensive. Fine shimmering beads and glittering pendants refine the optics, while colorful ethnic styles underscore the temperament of the wearer. Brooches are provided with practical clip that you attach any of various garments or pockets. Brooches values on solid-colored tops as tops or shirts, by ensuring an original contrast. Rings adorn the hand and have always been an ornament. Whether narrow, plain rings for everyday or richly decorated models for the event in the evening, we of OWNOW Fashion Jewellery offer a wide range – so you have for any occasion just the right accessory at your fingertips.

Spring-summer Trends 2015: overlapping jewels

The new spring-summer Trends 2015 sees superimposed jewels represent one of the most important dictates on how to wear the accessories! The fashion world is launching a new imperative: bracelets, necklaces and rings need not be worn alone but in large numbers and in layers. The style recalls the legendary ‘ 70 Years and imposes a flashy and eccentric look. Are you curious to discover how to decline the new fashion trend? Let us see in detail!

We will never tire of repeating to you how important it is to complete the outfit with glam accessories! Next season’s fashions will appeal to all women who like to wear necklaces, bracelets and many more valuable. The real secret to flaunt a flawless look during the hot season is to wear a lot of jewelry, from mixing with each other by mixing sizes, styles and features. The watchwords are excessive and eye-catching: this is how you declined the look of spring!

Fashion offers us to dust off the hippie style of yesteryear making the thin necklace with décolleté through charms, under massive chains and pendants. On the wrists, on the other hand, be prepared to wear bangles jingling placed one above the other, to create an intriguing play of light and shapes. Let free your creativity bringing a metal watch bracelets and silver. Choose types with charms, surely the richest and details, to alternate with simple thin chains. And if on the one hand you can say goodbye to some fashion rules to forget as one that requires not wearing both silver and gold, on the other hand, care must be taken not to overdo it. The risk is to transcend the kitsch, wearing two or more necklaces along with several bracelets and earrings!

If running amok for the rings, our suggestion is to wear them on all fingers, mixing thin ties with other larger and decorated. If you do not be afraid to dare, opt for creative jewellery to wear on your hands! Finally, as regards the earrings, the ideal is to bring light points with jewelry pendants. Finally, in view of the arrival of the warmer season, don’t forget to wear at the foot of thin Golden anklets, from mixing with more aggressive types, perfect to be glam even at the beach or by the pool!

Don’t miss our photo gallery to see all those proposals with the most beautiful to be copied for the Spring-Summer 2015!