Dress code in the office: What goes, what does not?

30 degrees, sunshine, blue sky – and you have the office! For professions with classic business dress code summer brings some styling difficulties. Sandals are okay now and I must leave the tights? We answer the most important questions:

Sandals are allowed in the summer?


The perfect wardrobe

Every day we go in our closet on the search for the perfect styling. But no matter how many parts we carry after shopping home, we still have ready the feeling that you have never hang the right in the closet. OWNOW.COM Fashion Shop has therefore compiled tips and tricks for the perfect wardrobe, with every outfit an eye catcher is!

Basics for the wardrobe

In order to offer its style a foundation, belongs in a perfectly decorated wardrobe especially an extensive basic wardrobe. At that include not only a white blouse that fits with jeans, skirts and costumes, a few simple, flattering t-shirts and a cashmere sweater, which is particularly suitable for the transition period in spring and autumn. Another styling tip is to have at least a couple of well-fitting jeans and a black and grey skirt in the wardrobe.


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Ladies who like it slightly more elegant looking for women’s clothing online, which exudes a touch of glamour: wrap dresses and elegant pantsuits are ideal for festive occasions and underline skillfully femininity. A classic black is one of the most popular colors for glamorous evening wear and exclusive fashion as before. Racy with red, deep blue, or playful pink dresses are something fancier, but therefore not less stylish. With these looks, customers demonstrate their flair for fashion and opt for dresses, skirts and suits, where they will enjoy. ( know more about visit at http://www.ownow.com )


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More than just dresses

Of course, OWNOW has not only dresses. You can arrange your own dress tops and skirts. Or you Spice up an existing dress with one of the top modern petticoats on. Or cocktail dresses for festive occasions tend not your thing? OWNOW has of course the right pants for you and the matching cardigan sweater, Blazer or sweater, if the evening is cool. You will find here also the matching shoes. As always with OWNOW Social Sop, all pieces are individually and exclusively, and thus exceptional. Browse in the shops of our provider and find exactly your clothing in your colors exactly. For yourself or as a special gift. It is worthwhile in any case! ( find more visit our store at http://www.ownow.com )


Fashion men

There is only one rule to be observed when a man looking for clothes: be self. Follow the fashion and trends, it is fun, it is easy and can be fun if we do not forget some essential concepts to when choosing his clothes. It may seem obvious but it’s choose clothes in the right size. Measure your shoulder width; try several pants sizes as style and comfort should never be antagonistic notions. Take the time to properly choose your clothes because they say a lot about your personality and your tastes. ( See Fashion Apparels http://www.ownow.com/Men-Apparel/87-list )