The latest trends in fashion

 The latest trendsin fashion call for the merging of trends or rather a fusion of cultures to bring out the best from diversity.  From party wear to work wear, various combinations are being experimented by designers so as to collaborate the traditional indian with funky western.

Accessories for cold days

Especially on cold days it is important to protect the little ones optimal. For warm apparels is the basis. Besides thick jackets for children and some accessories are good thermal donors. In accessory shop so you can find a wide range of snuggly hats, scarves and gloves in various designs and styles. How about a cute princess hat as winter accessory? Or perhaps you prefer a pair of gloves, such as ski gloves cool? The accessories for girls of OWNOW’s satisfaction and our toys for girls give pleasure again!


For every occasion the right fashion for women’s

Be among the fashion conscious ladies who always go with the latest fashion trends and eager to emulate the Stars & Celebrities from Hollywood? Or do you prefer elegant classics that inspire not only with a timeless feminine style, but also with high-quality quality? Or look for when buying the new Women’s Clothing particular attention to the comfort and the greatest possible compatibility?

Two fashion rules for all figure types

There are at least two fashion rules that can very nice track you on the basis of the shown outfits and have universal validity – if nothing else says the current fashion trend…

Fashion rule 1: If above far, then narrow down – and the other way around

If you wear a very volumes piece of clothing on the upper body, the clothes on the body should be very narrow and close to the figure kept. So you can balance the volume. The same applies to widely cut trousers or skirts: you should combine them with narrow, cut close to the body shells.

Fashion rule 2: If above long, then down short and vice versa

If you wear a very long cut top, your skirt or your pants should rather have a shorter hem. If your top is very short, a skirt or a pair of trousers with long hem will make good.

This has to do with the vertical proportions and the golden ratio. Our outfit example combines the oversize blouse with an ankle-free narrow pants. This result in very attractive vertical proportions. Alternatively, you could combine also a maximum knee short, narrow pencil skirt to. A maxi – or MIDI skirt long blouse would be however unthinkable…

You see, the seemingly simple outfit of white blouse with gray pants has it all. Not only, that’s several details has, figural advantages at the correct piece type, it converts two important fashion rules. Whether the many women who so positively judged the outfit, have also recognized this, I cannot judge of course. It is often a good instinct for proportions and harmonious compositions which can be certain looks from the mass of outfits stand out. I think it’s simply beautiful, if the quality of a balanced design.

How do you see that? Can you enjoy the friendly outfit? Would you carry it, or what would you change it? I look forward to your comments!

Shopping tips for a similar look

Here I’ve put together a few pieces of clothing and shoes you, which, though not exactly set to at least a similar look the same (affiliate links; please use the browser on your PC to be able to see the product tips):

frashion clothes



Today I want to loudly shout it out loud … This bondage to clothing sizes must end. How many times have we surprised to say: “Because I want to be a size 40?” Well friends, but then cut what is…? Don’t fall into the trap of strizzarci in clothes too tight or that there are evil just because … “Are a 42, there is that you buy a 44!” None of us is equal to another … there speaks Giulia! Read here!

The sizes are a construct my dear, but we are all affected by these numeretti that, stick to the clothes, make us of employees and create many inconveniences for all ages.

Assuming that we are all different from each other, how can we fit all into five-six categories of sizes? So how do we go shopping if the sizes are not to be taken into consideration?

Well, clear, looking at the fit: urliamola this magic word, because it is what will save us from improvised diets of spring. At

pink color

The type of cloth are important

The type of fabric and especially the heft, are particularly important. Since the climate is warm/hot all year, clothes are made with fabrics and breathable read that allow air to circulate freely. In this way, the clothes are fresh and light and protect the skin from the Sun.

Clothes and seasons

In the summer months to stay fresh are mainly worn clothes of lighter colors. In the winter months the colors of autumn are more clothes.

If you have to wear jeans in countries with colder temperatures as the Northern USA, Canada or Northern Europe, you can wear them in the winter months (November-March). The denim fabric suitable for these colder Countries, however, will be too awkward and heavy to wear in the summer months.

If you want to wear jeans in summer I advise you to buy them here in Barcelona where they are of a much lighter fabric jeans commonly purchased in Europe, Canada and Northern Europe. The goal is to feel comfortable but also protected from the strong sun.

You will be surprised to discover how a lightweight cotton can keep you cool and comfortable even under the hot sun.

Don’t struggle with clothes that are not suitable to the climate: you’ll be uncomfortable, you’ll get hot and this will make your trip less enjoyable. If you need to invest in some light clothes here in Barcelona.

Winter (December, January and February) these are the cooler months, when you wear your jeans. I also recommend bringing a jacket and some clothes. It doesn’t rain much in Barcelona, but there are rainy days, especially in recent months and that of April. Remember to bring a waterproof jacket and an umbrella.

Spring (March, April, may) starts to be more warming, but there are still fresh, especially days in March. Get ready to warm and sunny days but also a cool with occasional rain.

Summer (June, July, August)

In this period, Barcelona is hot and humid, Especially August can be very humid. You’ll need to wear fabrics and preferably read by bright colors during the day. In the evening you can wear clothes of darker colors if you want.

Autumn (September, October and November)

The weather can be nice and sunny but it starts getting cooler, especially in November.

We wrote a weather report every day for each day of the month in Barcelona. Take a look at this report to get an idea of temperatures and weather conditions during the year. more at

How to find your own style


How to find a boyfriend? How to find work? How to make a lot of money? How to find your own style?

These questions have in common a specific thing, are things you must do first hand and all the advice in the world can only get in the right direction, but no one can solve the problem rather than yours.

If you are looking for a soul mate can advise you to go out and change around people or enroll in any course or club. If you want to change jobs or try one before you recommend all saints who know (Council Santa Rita, famous for its miracles) then he leaves the House, you send resume, you make phone calls. If you want much money there are various lines of thought, from the work as mules, to play the lottery, to marry someone who has them already.

In any case you can’t expect with its hands for it to arrive in Prince charming, we call the talent scout who has heard humming in the bar to make a cd, or die a few relative emigrated that shows us as sole heir.

When you search your own style or we complain that we do not have one you can expect it to arrive a stranger right in style handbag, If you have seen various makeovers or attended meetings with personal shopper you will see that the best before questioning the unfortunate, and then give some proposal. In any case, is that what you choose to like it or not is not his style, simply because he did not single-handedly.

I wouldn’t even try to tell you what style you have. I can tell you what you gave, as match it, how to choose it, if I were with you in front of your closet, I could continue saying what there is going well, what you throw away. But I could never tell you what style should have. Nor much less to those who inspire you, why wouldn’t you.

I have tried to illustrate the steps, and is something that I will continue to do, with various post is illustrative that motivational, but already that affront the topic I thought I’d mention here articles that can be used to find its own style and look.

Always matches from the perspective that change look and find your own style is a gradual process, and not be improvised from one day to the next.

If you want to change because now you look dressed only in jeans, sneakers and t-shirts as when you were in high school the post for you is this: change Look.

If you want to change your look because you always dressed in black and your wardrobe doesn’t know what color your post is this: Goodbye total black.

If you like the accessories but don’t know how to match them and recover to always wear the same bag you can find instructions here: instructions for use Accessories.

If you want to find try one more feminine style and don’t wear the skirt because you’re convinced its awkward post for you is this: the skirt is convenient?

If you are accustomed to dress in the same way as with a skirt or a dress you feel just uncomfortable with the exercise to be done is explained here: the game of camerino.

Your own style is, if you want, I’m experiencing, looking around, trying new things and then moving on to degrees from the old to the new you.

I can tell you what gives you more, I can motivate you to try more skirt and outfits, I can “sgridavi” when you see worse than what you are, but I can’t tell you what you like, what it’s up to you.

It is not mandatory to have its own style; if you want to be well dressed with garments that will give you can be even without finding your exact style. Indeed if we want to be accurate this story of the style is a bit overrated, I say I don’t have a specific style as Don often the same type of clothes and models can be also defined a little bon ton. The blogger I proposed some images, change depending on the style and mood of the occasion even if they try to fit every personality and tendency to their taste.


The clothing as a whole forms a protective artificial case directly to the body of the people (more rarely from animals) and characterizes its appearance. As a measure of the body design is a means of non-verbal communication – consciously or unconsciously – and has developed accordingly in different cultures and times vary. Clothing has also different names such as clothes apparels, etc. Everyone also has his own style in the choice of clothing

A clear definition of the concept of clothing is difficult. The delimitation to other artificial sheaths to the (human / animal) body is fluid (E.g. sleeping bag with sleeves). Typically an artificial shell is considered clothing, she wears around the man with (in contrast to such as a sleeping bag, a tent, or architecture generally).

People of most regions worldwide carry at least a minimum of clothes in most situations. In animals, it is rather the exception: since the end of the 20th century some dress their pets, such as dogs and cats, especially in cold weather,