The right pants for your figure

Bootcut Jeans

Who does not know that? Here too much as too little. Every woman has probably one or the other Problem zone. No problem, because with the right pants on your hips, you can make distract from your critical zones and these conceal wonderfully. See which trouser suits your character and who what types of pants are!
Bootcut The Classic -Bootcut Jeans . It owes its name these trousers form the exhibited below legs, which allow even a boot ( “boot”) to wear the jeans. What is boot cut jeans? The pants are actually each. Especially women with slightly stronger legs can have their legs look narrower and longer using the bootcut jeans and in combination with high heels. The flared leg ensures that is deflected by a powerful thigh.

Cargo pants

An absolute trend for 2016 is the cargo pant. Characteristic are patched and sewn pockets in the thigh or knee area. Originally comes trousers from the military and is also now mostly in khaki tones. What is a cargo pant? These pants form require a narrow hips and slim silhouettes, for patch pockets , decorative stitching and quilting wear visually and have strong thighs still look wider. Androgynous figures with little curves are these pants best.

Straight cut

The straight-cut pants have been around for years, and the simple average enjoys uninterrupted popularity. They are available in all possible colors and fabrics. What is a straight cut? The nice thing is: this form is any figure from narrow to corpulent straight cut suits all body shapes. Moderately well this is pants form particularly useful in super powerful legs because of the simple interface is chubby legs beautiful proportions.

Skinny jeans

The super close variant of Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans. As the name suggests these pants tight to the bone and physical. Unlike the traditional straight leg trouser legs not straight, but are used to walking distance towards ever closer. What is a skinny jean? Best so sees skinny jeans in slim and narrow women. Women with an androgynous silhouette, but women with wider hips and a round butt can pant shape wearing wonderful. Strong calves, however, are not laminated in this skin-tight pant, but additionally emphasized.


The latest trends in fashion

 The latest trendsin fashion call for the merging of trends or rather a fusion of cultures to bring out the best from diversity.  From party wear to work wear, various combinations are being experimented by designers so as to collaborate the traditional indian with funky western.

Accessories for cold days

Especially on cold days it is important to protect the little ones optimal. For warm apparels is the basis. Besides thick jackets for children and some accessories are good thermal donors. In accessory shop so you can find a wide range of snuggly hats, scarves and gloves in various designs and styles. How about a cute princess hat as winter accessory? Or perhaps you prefer a pair of gloves, such as ski gloves cool? The accessories for girls of OWNOW’s satisfaction and our toys for girls give pleasure again!


What I wear to a cocktail party? Here are the golden rules to follow in order not to make mistakes

“At a cocktail party wearing a cocktail dress”. It seems simple, but it isn’t at all! Find the right cocktail dress is not easy, and great choice could complicate things. Sequin dress or minimal? Long or short? Skirt or trousers? And accessories? Not to mention makeup and hair…

To avoid drowning in a sea of doubts, read our advice on what to wear to a cocktail party, to make a figure not beautiful, but perfect!

Dress for the occasion

Before you begin, it is important to understand which social event you attend, and what is expected in terms of clothing. Is a holiday among friends? An official occasion? Where is the party? All these details are important to understand how to behave, sure to be cited as “the one that was wrong.”

Different events, and even the different places where you can organize, require different behaviors, and advise with other invited, always make sure that you are familiar with them, it is a lifeline. Otherwise, you’re still single! Here are some suggestions below.

Let’s start from where you wouldn’t expect: the skirts. The cocktail party is not required to wear a dress, unless the invitation does not expressly so requests! The skirts, the right ones, are a good alternative if you’re free to choose. And then they give you more freedom to mix with different tops, shirts or jackets. You can create a broken between skirt and top, or a coordinated, fun with accessories. In short, firstly, by rein to your creativity!

A small Tip: If you wear a short skirt, make sure whatever the longer of your arms when you hold down the sides. If your fingertips down over the hem of her skirt, mean that it is too short, and you’re in disco area.

Choose a suitable dress

If you opt for the suit, which is the right one, and it is perfect! First of all it must send, extolling the virtues and hiding the flaws.

For this you may see our fashion tips according to your forms.

Once you understand what you can afford and what not according to your forms, you can choose the one that makes you more elegant, perhaps a bit daring. Precious fabrics, original prints, dresses that leave your back uncovered, necklines, anything goes, as long as it is not excessive or tacky!

The first class of all…

Good taste must remain a fixed point: If you hear of daring too, and think you are on the brink of excess, better step back! Better to attract admiring glances that disapproval and…

The sense of proportion should be your good adviser: you don’t have to be neither too decorated nor too “nude”, and still be stylish you will ever see!

This would be the time to pull in the dance famous little black dress was talking about Coco Chanel, the simple black dress that makes you chic with a little. Yet, you would understand if you were tired of the classic black suit and discreet. An example of how to escape this law without the general disapproval are pictured above. A bright dress with flared skirt, as in ‘ the 50 best Dior, could do for you.

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What apparels men hate and women love

Many fashion apparels trends that the heart beat women to reap by the Lords of creation often just shake your head. It is once again clear: the flavours are just completely different.

Women love fashion apparels, buy men clothing apparels. While women select fashion fashionable and emotional point of view, men remains virtually unchanged. Only if the constantly listed by pair of shoes or the proverbial last shirt, they provide supplies. Women prefer vary according to current trends, getting around but not always for men.

The tastes of men and women could not be more different. The difference between the two hottest is evident above all in a field – fashion. While themselves women follow seemingly every trend, the supposedly stronger hot, why they do wonders.

When it comes to the designers, we wrap us in this summer continue to harem pants, jumpsuits and babydolls – a thorn in the side of the men. Jumpsuits look advantageous as a rule only on the models on the billboards, harem pants cheat extra kilos on the thighs, rather than hide them, and babydoll dresses make every woman look pregnant immediately. As far as the opinions of men. Women argue with “that’s just said” or a simple “this is but so comfortable”.

Similarly, it looks with the colour blocking. Seems a bright colour for the colour shy eye of men in order to be, several together remind them of parrots. If we have to be honest, the men with their arguments have not completely wrong.


Dresses in winter

For colder days, you can access to clothes – just combine a matching cardigan or a Blazer nice. Also a trendy coat fits well with an evening dress, when the clutch and the Sandals to match combined to do so. That enchanting clothes for almost any occasion are suitable and always well we women make is clear.

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pans party

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Discover on a daily basis fashion

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