Mistakes You Do While Buying New Shoes

Once with everyone it happened, when you found shoes to fit your style and when you got home, you felt that was a huge faux pas? It happens with everyone and we tend to get annoyed sometimes. The worst part is, you spend your money on a pretty pair of shoes that doesn’t fit you and lying in your closet covering by dust.

Shopping mistakes can happen with anyone, Not only with shoes but with clothes/apparels and accessories. Certainly, we cannot win all the time. If you have experienced, how to deal with shopping anxiety there will be a win situation for you. Help others who do mistake in shopping and make a better world.

Before you go to buy your new shoes, we have some advice, a must know ideas for the oblivious on how to deal with shopping mistake when buying footwear. You will end up buying a good pair of comfy footwear. Here’s the list of Mistakes people do While Buying footwear.

  • Shopping at the wrong time of day

It’s normal for your feet to swell up a during the day and science behind is, You put lots of weight on your feet whole day by walking or allowing fluid to get settle in them by sitting for long. In fact, we advise shopping for footwear late between 5:00 pm as well as 9:00 am. In the day to make sure you buy shoes that will fit perfect entire day.feet-1

  • Trial only on carpet

Do you know why shoe stores are covered with carpet beneath? Any idea? No right? Well because people who try footwear on carpet feel comfort while walking in it and that’s a mistake we do. Find floor area in store and that’s where you will see how comfy can your shoe is.

  • Assuming they’ll stretch

Don’t let salesman take control over you; don’t assume your shoe may stretch if it’s not while wearing perhaps it won’t be in future. Don’t take risk of spending your hard earned money and never say that you will suffer through it.

  • Not walking Long

People do mistake while not walking long, Take a small stride so that you’ll get to know the comfort of it. Pay close attention to how your feet feel as you’re strutting. Are your toes pinching? Are your heels popping up? Don’t disregard these signs. If you feel it for few minutes wonder how feet will feel it for long hours.

  • Trying Shoes on Only One Foot

Don’t be lazy this time. Test both shoes because you will be going to wear them together. Feet are tending to be not the same size .Possibly your one foot will be larger than the counterpart and it could differ the shape. When you try only one foot, you’re only half the way.

  • Not wear the right socks

When you’re buying shoes wear socks which you going to wear always with the shoes when you try them. If you wear boots and thick woolly socks what’s the point of wearing thin socks while trying? When you go home and check with thick socks this aren’t going to help, the shoes might not fit.boot

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