As a young girl, some of them have grown up with a deeply anchored love for high-quality jewellery. Well, it is true that I would always prefer real jewellery always fashion jewellery. Nevertheless, fashion jewellery also has its advantages.


Advantages of fashion jewellery

Often convinced costume jewellery through a reasonable price. So you can quickly build a whole collection of different stems and combine the pieces daily to the most diverse outfits. A chain is used to round off with me even only to a single outfit. Gorgeous is this opportunity. With the arrival of online shopping or E-commerce sites, you can easily choice from an extensive collection of fashion jewellery that includes rings, bracelets, anklets, chains, earrings, and so on in a series of prices that suit your requirements.


Disadvantages of fashion jewellery

Cheap quality is unfortunately also having some disadvantages. Unfortunately, you can often not rely on durability when it comes to fashion jewellery because of their fragile behaviour. likely shades fade away, broke the locks and the stones fall out.DO you have earrings or necklace repaired several times because it was broken and you don’t want to give up your favourite one?

The drawback of fashion jewellery is that it is just a fast and cheap solution and also just a short time. If fashion jewellery is broken or damaged, it is usually impossible to repair. Some fashion jewellery does not cost much but meanwhile there is some “brand fashion jewellery” that can cost you .You have to ask yourself whether it is really worth its price. Repairs or changes are usually impossible as soldering produces temperatures that this jewellery cannot withstand.


Alternative to boots

It can always be that someone does not like boots. For this case, there are the fashionable lace-up boots, which on the other hand are more practical for everyday life and can be combined with fashionable outfits on the other hand. You should choose these mainly in the colours black, brown or grey. Of course, you can also choose between leather, artificial leather or suede leather look. The great advantage of these shoes is that they are very versatile. They are suitable both for a casual performance in the leisure time as well as for a chic outfit for the evening. Do not neglect cowboy and biker boots. These are best combined with a tight pair of jeans. In colour, you have more scope, even light brown models are announced. However, the designed care bright shoes somewhat more complicated. It is better to have different pairs to choose from, in order to round off each outfit with the right shoes.For full post visit Ownow blogspot