Dresses Etiquette- Dress code for business occasion

As a general rule: In the single – or double-breasted in anthracite or dark grey, will look right for you.

single row of three button jackets, a vest on it, but never Worn double breasted Suit.

Worn Classic shoes fit, at best a white or light blue shirt with tieblack socks and dark.

But be careful: adjust the level of expense to the occasion!

Business occasions

  • Job interview
  • Everyday business
  • Business dinner in the evening


  • Rules:
  • The first personal impression is put to the test here. Prove your positive, adult and sovereign, but not arrogant attitude with your clothes. Your attire is a sign that you have everything under control.
  • In the case of applications for management positions and high positions, wear business clothes, you wear otherwise.
  • Description:
  • Classic, but not too elegant!
  • Dark suit, preferably grey or dark blue. No fashion colours!
  • Double breasted without a vet or single-breasted waistcoat – to decide according to the figure. The style is of the industry in which you are applying, to adapt.
  • Shirts should be the best white or light blue. It is specially maintained when wearing a shirt with cuff links to the dignified ensemble of business, where this is appropriate for the application only in conservative industries or superior positions.
  • Ties on the suit must are tailored silk in modern or classic designs! The end of the tie must be exactly up to the belt buckle and not ends above or on the abdomen.
  • No Experiments with “hilarious” tie designs, leather or knitted ties. Forgo the tie only in sectors in which emphasizes loose fashion deal with. Always wear at the job interview not fly.
  • Best black socks(not white, colored or patterned) and Black, freshly cleaned shoes.
  • Wear always a belt, pants with belt loops and whose colour you choose always fit your shoes.
  • A gentleman should wear no more jewellery than his wristwatch, his wedding ring, or in exceptional cases a family Signet Ring. Particularly applies to positions in the management: no earrings, no chains, piercing, bracelets or additional rings.
  • Perfume them discreetly and never directly before the interview.
  • Your documents for the interview (additional curriculum vitae and references etc.) please in the understated Briefcase, but in a leather Briefcase.
  • Everyday business:
  • Rule:
  • Their clothing should never interfere with your work, be never “overdressed” and never stir up the resentment of your colleagues.
  • The currency should be maintained, accurate and at the same time modern and casual for the appearance of your everyday life.


  • Description:
  • As a general rule: the suit is standard equipment!
  • For the professions or superior positions specific is still the “dress code” of the traditional dark suit and the above attributes of a “gentleman “outfits.
  • The time is especially correct cutting-edge Pinstripe suit in combination with colourful silk ties. Very British!
  • Also, a combination of men’s jackets and pants can be worn instead of the suit. Common ensembles are the English look of Tweed jackets and colour coordinated wool pants or the classic look with dark blue Blazer from worsted, grey flannel trousers, shirt, and striped tie.
  • Increasingly also the trendy is Italian single-row two-parter in discreet colours such as cognac, Brown, and khaki lightweight wool, cotton or corduroy in professional life.
  • It is crucial: you always looking for the perfect fit and good material, as well as a meticulous care of your clothes.
  • Business dinners in the evening:
  • Rules
  • Intrastate-but not “overdressed” . Evening business dinners or invitations for the tuxedo or “black tie” was not explicitly requested a noble classic appearance is advisable.
  • The use of breast pocket handkerchief is now left to the personal taste. Classic in white cotton, modern coloured silk or cashmere. The cloth should not be of the same material and patterns like the tie, but thus in harmony: a white cloth to the white shirt and simple tie to the heavily patterned tie a cloth that picks up a shade of Neckwear.
  • Cuff shirts are very suitable in the evening and almost indispensable in many industries and higher positions with cuff links.
  • Classy, discreet silk ties with woven structures and current trend colours in restrained pattern complete the dignified appearance.
  • As a general rule: a dark suit is a must! Wear a clean double breasted or single-row three-parter. The vest to the narrow single-breasted gives the outfit a formal character.


  • Official occasions:
  •  Dinner during the day:
  • Here it is to be aligned with the invitation: with official invitations for christenings, anniversaries or formal opening, you should be as well groomed, dressed like at a formal lunch.
  • However, the invitation is “black tie” for the one-day event or be invited to the Captain’s dinner on a cruise, the Tuxedo or the Dinner jacket (see the dress code for celebrations) is required.
  • Dinner in the evening:
  • According to the invitation form and venue of the event is here
  • attach the black or Nacht Blau Tuxedo (see the dress code for celebrations) or
  • the elegant and neat dark blue three-piece with the elegant accessory (see “business dinner”).
  • Opera / Theatre visit:
  • Who would like to present themselves as a connoisseur of “etiquette”, is now back in vogue, if he the
  • Classic Tuxedo in the Opera or a theatre premiere wearing. The elegant “little black dress” for him is the perfect his suit for fine evening events. (see dress code for celebrations)
  • For the visit of a small theatre or a long guest musical show, however, the dark classic is likely to recommend.

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