Men Shorts are the new fashion

Men in shorts have an image problem, at least outside the campsite. By this, they are themselves to blame. Only those who know the rules should dare to look.

A men’s short trousers have no influence, at least not in the urban habitat. And this is no surprise: for decades, men have ruined the reputation of the shorts by wearing sandals and white socks to pale, hairy legs. Who wants to still take the aesthetically incomprehensible and show leg in the middle of civilization, should know at least the rules.

In general, it comes in men always depends on what type it is, as to his age and his style. Above all, he should consider whether the length of his pants corresponds to the occasion. “On the beach or a relaxing barbecue in the garden are shorts okay,” says style adviser

Basically, shorts should be worn in Bermuda style. This means: not too short, the trouser hem ends slightly above the knee – long legs look too short shorts as the stork in the salad. And not too far – thin legs look in baggy shorts made even thinner.

Because shorts are strictly applied only for casual recreational occasions anyway, come as color mainly khaki, white or navy in question. As seen in Chino Bermuda but also in bright colors or pastel tones look good, which gives the look of the preppy “Preppy Style”.


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