There is tons of opportunity to buy a beautiful jewellery. To say I love you, to say thank you, to say congratulations, to say “hey if I made me happy.” We chose to present 17 creative jewels, each more talented than each other. 17 women the unique world. This is a declaration of love to the hawkers that make our dream real jewelry treasures. Here’s their portrait.

There is a special bond with the jewel. Some of them remind us of good memories, someone close, an event. There are those that cannot happen and there are those that we forget in a jewelry box to find them a few years later. The purpose is the same: everyone else, everyone counts.

To find one to offer, be offered or afford, we decided to present 17 creative jewelry. Because today there are tons of small and great creative that deserve to take some floodlights. Their work is a marvel. Their passion is worth sharing.

You will discover their path, their world, their worship room. You will open the door of the different workshops. And you may have a few favorites.

Take your time, read chapter after chapter.

Note: no need to choose your favorite. They are all great. Judge for yourself.

Reff: http://www.cosmopolitan.fr/,17-creatrices-de-bijoux-qu-on-aime-a-la-folie,1918635.asp


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