Many types of jewelry for many occasions

Bangles and bracelets act sensual, as they usually golden or silver shimmer and conjure up a slim wrist. These include the elegant pieces of Alba Fashion, the style-conscious ladies provide an opportunity to put a clever dazzling effects. The bracelets act sometimes more rock: The models are equipped among other things with imitation leather, buckles, studs or rhinestones. The upbeat variations of J. JayZ in a particularly vibrant colors are suitable for everyday use and disseminate good mood. And necklaces draw the eye sent into the neckline, without being offensive. Fine shimmering beads and glittering pendants refine the optics, while colorful ethnic styles underscore the temperament of the wearer. Brooches are provided with practical clip that you attach any of various garments or pockets. Brooches values on solid-colored tops as tops or shirts, by ensuring an original contrast. Rings adorn the hand and have always been an ornament. Whether narrow, plain rings for everyday or richly decorated models for the event in the evening, we of OWNOW Fashion Jewellery offer a wide range – so you have for any occasion just the right accessory at your fingertips.


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