Indian Salwar Kameez

Asian immigrants brought this garment to India – it thus led first a sewn clothes! This type of clothing is the way to find in South Asia, Southern Europe, the Balkans, Asia Minor, the Middle East, North Africa and Persia. In Salwar Kameez is a three-part piece of clothing for women and girls. It consists of a “Bloomers” (salwar), a long upper part (kameez) and a scarf (dupatta). In India, this combination called “punjabi dress”.

The name “Salwar” the way, comes from the Turkish word “chalwar” (Arabic sherwal). In India, they are also called “pajama”. These Bloomers (harem pants, harem pants) is cut either far or too tight in the waist and in the leg. Some pants constrict already on his knees, others only at the ankle.

lush-deep-blue-salwar-kameez-800x1100 nargis-fakhri-turquoise-blue-resham-work-anarkali-salwar-kameez-800x1100


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