shopping tips for winter

The winter has never been my favorite season, on this there it rains … But as they say “we”, and therefore, willingly or not, I have to adapt to the arrival of the cold and start to design the wardrobe for the next few months.

Here in Rome it rains for days, but the temperatures are still at a medium/high level, which does not require, at least according to my subjective experience, the use of scarves and heavy coats.

Underneath however I confess: I love soft sweaters, scarves, wool wrap coats … And as usual my cabinets and drawers are full of all these things and, despite this, I would continue to buy without stopping.

Over the past couple of winters I tried to take more or less all the little whims in shopping: I finally got the parka that I wanted, so I have a very diverse selection of boots and booties, I pretty sweaters that I love especially.

In my wardrobe for fall/winter there are some to which I wouldn’t give anything, the “indispensable” in short: in today’s post I thought to create three signed OWNOW total look to give you some advice on what to buy in the coming months.

I can’t say which I prefer between these three, because I’m inspired by a very casual style that perfectly meets my mood of that period … But I expect that at least you know choose! 🙂

  1. The first look is composed of skinny jeans paired with a denim shirt on denim; the oversize sweater burgundy color lights up the look and creates the perfect base for your choice of leather color. A golden chain creates a focus on bust … And for the most intense chills lacks the padded parka with hood in faux fur, hot and very trendy.
  2. The second is a look almost all black, very feminine but at the same time casual and practical. The base of the outfit is a black scamiciata, a very versatile garment that can be interpreted in many different keys. To create this set I paired with a maxi cardigan, knit to the knee and Parisian of heel black booties off. The details that make the most original mix are the bag bordeaux suede combined with same-colored scarf and, finally, the large flap hat for a more boho.
  1. For the third and last look I couldn’t choose my beloved boyfriend jeans now: will probably be the No. 1 must-haves of my winter (Yes, because for the first time I get to wear them too!). I could not match them to a wide and soft sweater and a nice Army Green parka. Are essential accessories: ankle boots with a sole tank, a leather maxi bag for the day, a wool beret with pom poms and a very simple necklace that breaks the monochrome of the sweater.

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