How to find your own style

trendy fashion

We often see beautiful women on the street, on the internet or in newspapers, normal women or actresses, fashion and swear there is to say: “nice style!” The result often is take note, mentally compose message boards on Pinterest (my latest obsession, you know, right?) and think that you just buy and match like them to replicate the style.

The first step to finding your style: know yourself!

First of all each other means understand thoroughly what gives us and what not, shapes and colors that enhance our beauty, then figure out what we like from inside, wear what are the feelings that we want him, finally the image we want to defer to others.

Second step to find your style: study!

Secondly you have to study, become curious, take note, return things, read, learn, look and sharpen observation spirit, take care of the sense of taste, elegance, try learn harmony.

The third step to find your style: experience!

Finally you have to play, try, mix, remove, add, no wonder, like, fall in love, you feel the butterflies in the stomach.

Where there is one of these steps the style would be a misstep. An empty shell. Those who saw us pass, instead of “how nice!” style, would say at most: “what nice dress!” And it’s not even mentioned!

If the first and last step you can do in your daily life, on Trashic we can study, look around and embroider on what we see.

Why find, understand and create your own style is a way to progress, spend better and less clothing and be much more satisfied of our image and our wardrobe.

Then I thought that we can resume the care, old “lessons” style browsing modes of apparels that we see around, trying to capture the key and find details to make our to make our “conscious style”.

What do you say? You like the idea?

Please email me what you would like to know, what are your curiosity, such as styles of which you would like to speak and so we can devote adequate space


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