shopping tips for winter

The winter has never been my favorite season, on this there it rains … But as they say “we”, and therefore, willingly or not, I have to adapt to the arrival of the cold and start to design the wardrobe for the next few months.

Here in Rome it rains for days, but the temperatures are still at a medium/high level, which does not require, at least according to my subjective experience, the use of scarves and heavy coats.

Underneath however I confess: I love soft sweaters, scarves, wool wrap coats … And as usual my cabinets and drawers are full of all these things and, despite this, I would continue to buy without stopping.

Over the past couple of winters I tried to take more or less all the little whims in shopping: I finally got the parka that I wanted, so I have a very diverse selection of boots and booties, I pretty sweaters that I love especially.

In my wardrobe for fall/winter there are some to which I wouldn’t give anything, the “indispensable” in short: in today’s post I thought to create three signed OWNOW total look to give you some advice on what to buy in the coming months.

I can’t say which I prefer between these three, because I’m inspired by a very casual style that perfectly meets my mood of that period … But I expect that at least you know choose! 🙂

  1. The first look is composed of skinny jeans paired with a denim shirt on denim; the oversize sweater burgundy color lights up the look and creates the perfect base for your choice of leather color. A golden chain creates a focus on bust … And for the most intense chills lacks the padded parka with hood in faux fur, hot and very trendy.
  2. The second is a look almost all black, very feminine but at the same time casual and practical. The base of the outfit is a black scamiciata, a very versatile garment that can be interpreted in many different keys. To create this set I paired with a maxi cardigan, knit to the knee and Parisian of heel black booties off. The details that make the most original mix are the bag bordeaux suede combined with same-colored scarf and, finally, the large flap hat for a more boho.
  1. For the third and last look I couldn’t choose my beloved boyfriend jeans now: will probably be the No. 1 must-haves of my winter (Yes, because for the first time I get to wear them too!). I could not match them to a wide and soft sweater and a nice Army Green parka. Are essential accessories: ankle boots with a sole tank, a leather maxi bag for the day, a wool beret with pom poms and a very simple necklace that breaks the monochrome of the sweater.

Ceremonies and festivals: the most beautiful clothes for the occasion!

beautiful clothes

Looking for the perfect dress online for your special night, or for an important ceremony, but don’t know where to find it? The shops are crowded and there is nothing that you like, ideas are scarce or don’t have time to shop at the Center, the only solution is not to leave the House and arm themselves with computers, that is where comes into play our beloved internet. A means very important, especially when you don’t have the slightest idea of what you want to buy or if you are not genuine fashion expert. Many sites full chock full of suggestions, tips and ideas to make any event perfect.

Now online shopping has become a fashion even here, not get more hours in a row in the dressing room to try the leaders, then continue to queue at the cash register, for some years now the best shopping is done online only! I bet every one of you at least once has made a purchase online, quickly and easily and, more importantly, saving time and money.

For this today I want to propose a new store that I discovered only recently, I’m talking about the OWNOW website. A site specializing in the sale of women, men and children. Where the watchword is elegance. In fact I got to peek for pretty well every single category, amazed the wide product selection proposal; t-shirt, pants, blazers, sweaters, skirts, suits and dresses in particular.

Dresses or dresses for the holidays today I propose a selection very colorful and not only, so that it can inspire you and also help you to your look. Neutral-colored clothes, like beige, or completely gaudy as blue on, lace dresses, chiffon, and then get those with colorful prints, floral, strapless, long or short. I mean on this site there is spoilt for choice really is just your imagination, choose what you like.

On site you will find lots of other ideas for your look, but in the meantime, what do you think of this selection?

How to find your own style

trendy fashion

We often see beautiful women on the street, on the internet or in newspapers, normal women or actresses, fashion and swear there is to say: “nice style!” The result often is take note, mentally compose message boards on Pinterest (my latest obsession, you know, right?) and think that you just buy and match like them to replicate the style.

The first step to finding your style: know yourself!

First of all each other means understand thoroughly what gives us and what not, shapes and colors that enhance our beauty, then figure out what we like from inside, wear what are the feelings that we want him, finally the image we want to defer to others.

Second step to find your style: study!

Secondly you have to study, become curious, take note, return things, read, learn, look and sharpen observation spirit, take care of the sense of taste, elegance, try learn harmony.

The third step to find your style: experience!

Finally you have to play, try, mix, remove, add, no wonder, like, fall in love, you feel the butterflies in the stomach.

Where there is one of these steps the style would be a misstep. An empty shell. Those who saw us pass, instead of “how nice!” style, would say at most: “what nice dress!” And it’s not even mentioned!

If the first and last step you can do in your daily life, on Trashic we can study, look around and embroider on what we see.

Why find, understand and create your own style is a way to progress, spend better and less clothing and be much more satisfied of our image and our wardrobe.

Then I thought that we can resume the care, old “lessons” style browsing modes of apparels that we see around, trying to capture the key and find details to make our to make our “conscious style”.

What do you say? You like the idea?

Please email me what you would like to know, what are your curiosity, such as styles of which you would like to speak and so we can devote adequate space

Social shopping site for trendy fashion

Online shopping and social shopping are the shopping revolution. Many sites and social networks that are making preparations to ensure ease of spending and offered more and more amazing. From clothes to wedding favors online, here’s how to navigate between sites and e-commerce that rates on the web not to fall into unexpected traps!

Online purchases have literally revolutionized the market, and in a few, along with the crisis, have decreed in a sense the failure and the failure of many companies that don’t sell online. And so, now, hardly anyone goes to shop Home: the internet is a sea magnum and makes available a large number of new tools that allow us to save. at ownow.comSocial Shopping

With an outfit of jeans and heels!

After a period in which I was almost abolished the clothes, I’m slowly returning to wear them even if I just need to take a little bit of sunshine!

On ASOS in the last period I am finding many types that I like, one of those that hit me lately has been just that, between jeans and crochet. Nice, right?

You can buy it by clicking on this link!

I chose to pair it with accessories and bronze Brown, as these new and beautiful shoes purchased OWNOW Sixty Seven signed on. In short, I think it’s a perfect outfit for the summer, simple but at the same time full of small details. What do you say? 🙂 At

heels of shoes

Fashion inspires the boys.

Shopping with kids can be exhausting. Especially with guys in their teens, it is not so easy to find the right stuff. We OWNOW questions every day “what our customers really want?” and try to develop that really like clothes for our customers. And best of all, you can buy in our OWNOW social shop around the clock. Try it out, watch collection our new spring/summer together with your kids and be inspired by trendy and exact cuts OWNOW online store.


Refresh your Style and your appearance and show Younger

Watching developments in fashion to suit your age. Notice the celebrities that are in the same age as you, be careful what you are wearing and follow their style.

With this clever way you will learn what your clothes are getting better and how you will look younger, so that your image is consistent as possible over the years.

-Avoid the bold color combinations.

Before you buy any piece of apparels, it is advisable to always check the colour.

Do not mix heavy shades together, as the score might indicate.

Choose a more “quiet” color set that will look stylish, serious and stylish top.

-Customize your outfit according to each season.

Don’t forget to refresh your wardrobe every season.

This does not mean that you need to spend a small fortune to buy your clothes, whenever it reaches the summer or winter.

Invest in a few but stylish pieces that will fit your style and your appearance.

Give light on accessories, since May with a move to transform the set.

The market for example a modern bag or a serapes is ideal, changing the whole style of your image.womens clothing

The essential accessories for chic classic & views

classic pic

For lovers of elegant appearances in classic style.

A classic outfit as elegant and is one of the outfits that I have chosen, definitely needs stylisti touch of accessories that will complete. So, to achieve a unique look with the pencil skirt and classic jacket, you need a stylish bag day in strict line and a pair of high-heeled patent leather pumps-sharp. Still, a fine leather or Croco belt would close in style with the classic white shirt or the straight dress that closes up on the neck, putting a fashionable touch to the overall look. For you who love the chic classic & views, the gloves are undoubtedly a very elegant element to the classic outfit. And because the jewels play much role semantic to describe a style of dressing, don’t forget to include them in a classic appearance, as for example a collar-necklace with your shirt or a pair of pearl earrings