Colored tights: how to wear?


Colored tights can help every fashion-maniac woman to create a complete picture. If you choose correctly the colors, you can look very elegant. The most important thing is to learn to combine with other clothes, because only in this way will look really stylish and not ridiculous.

For the summer select tights decorated with floral motifs. For strict and severe views, with dark suits and dresses, considered the most suitable tights with geometric patterns. It should also be noted that the tights with designs make the feet visually more. Therefore, women with more plump feet, it is preferable to choose tights with big plans. In this case, you can choose tights with vertical stripes will make your legs optically slimmer.

Tights with various colorful motifs going more to young girls. In this case, the dress or skirt should be above the knee. Otherwise, your image will have a quickie hue will look incomplete. Monochrome tights-a perfect choice, suitable for almost any woman. Remember that tights in dark shades make the feet visually more minutes, while lighter shades, have the opposite effect.

Monochrome tights in Orange, red and yellow colors match beautifully with black dresses. Also the Orange tights can be combined with brown clothes. You can wear the shirt in the same color with the tights, a Brown baggy skirt and black high-heeled shoes. Remember that the colored tights impose high-heeled shoes. Grey tights are considered safe option and can be combined with all the clothes and colors. It is suitable for daily appearances, flying a mediocrity in the other colored clothes.

If you want your legs to look more away, choose footwear in the same color with the tights. Very important rule, especially for short women. The cold time of the year, very nice picture create pantyhose in the same color as the sweaters, sweaters or jackets. Black and dark brown tights fit more with dark monochrome clothes, while the white tights is recommended to be combined with bright or pastel shades. By following these simple rules, you are always elegant and impressive appearance.


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