How to choose the perfect Maxi dress for you!

fashion maxi dresses

Is the most feminine outfit your wardrobe and gives an incredible stylish air, in your appearance. Of course, but you’re not fit all Maxi dresses, nor can supports all styles.

The body type and height are kombikoi factors that will influence your choice! With the right shoes and accessories, will LK and the takeoffs will entypwsiaseis all!

What you will need to be impeccable with the long your dress!

4 “ingredients”, you need to be flawless at official appearances! Gown long, high-heeled sandals or pumps, imposing jewelry and large bag or even better folder!

Dress length

If you’re a prolific woman, this woman’s outfit is part of your wardrobe must simply take care to narrows in the Middle, you look like, so poke with potatoes.

This garment sits on you just like a plus size tops and tunics, so it is advisable to avoid the bulk in the middle. It is an excellent choice for women type “Apple” or “pear”, why conceal imperfections with mastery. If you’re psiloligni, the dress, I modeled kolakepsei incredibly.


The monochrome and the printed fabric, is the summer must! He chose colors such as yellow, lilac, pistachio baklava, pink, nude or some classic option, as the total white or plain black.

If you’re Petite, dodged large stamps or huge flowers, because it will wipe out. If you want something floral, picked out those dresses with tiny flowers, in monochrome or colored background.

The cut of the garment

If you want to become taller, with longer neck and trunk, buy fair trade strapless options as braces to shorten. Has a cold? You can get a sleek turtleneck and wear out or to cover your shoulders with a great pashmina.

How to combine shoes with the dress!

To choose the high-heeled shoes, unless you’re a girl with 2-bar poise! The tall shoe, except the height, it removes and pounds, because it shows more psiloligni, than you’re normal! If you are psiloligni, it allows to wear stylish flat heel shoes, provided they are not sports.

What Accessories to lectures with the Maxi dress you?

It is advisable to wear large jewelry and keep a huge bag, so, to look even more toniseis!

Anyway, the Maxi dress refers to Bohemian or even chipiko and styles to show, they’re a whopping accessories with cool colors or the classic Gold/Silver (depending on the color of the dress, of course!). at


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