Two fashion rules for all figure types

There are at least two fashion rules that can very nice track you on the basis of the shown outfits and have universal validity – if nothing else says the current fashion trend…

Fashion rule 1: If above far, then narrow down – and the other way around

If you wear a very volumes piece of clothing on the upper body, the clothes on the body should be very narrow and close to the figure kept. So you can balance the volume. The same applies to widely cut trousers or skirts: you should combine them with narrow, cut close to the body shells.

Fashion rule 2: If above long, then down short and vice versa

If you wear a very long cut top, your skirt or your pants should rather have a shorter hem. If your top is very short, a skirt or a pair of trousers with long hem will make good.

This has to do with the vertical proportions and the golden ratio. Our outfit example combines the oversize blouse with an ankle-free narrow pants. This result in very attractive vertical proportions. Alternatively, you could combine also a maximum knee short, narrow pencil skirt to. A maxi – or MIDI skirt long blouse would be however unthinkable…

You see, the seemingly simple outfit of white blouse with gray pants has it all. Not only, that’s several details has, figural advantages at the correct piece type, it converts two important fashion rules. Whether the many women who so positively judged the outfit, have also recognized this, I cannot judge of course. It is often a good instinct for proportions and harmonious compositions which can be certain looks from the mass of outfits stand out. I think it’s simply beautiful, if the quality of a balanced design.

How do you see that? Can you enjoy the friendly outfit? Would you carry it, or what would you change it? I look forward to your comments!

Shopping tips for a similar look

Here I’ve put together a few pieces of clothing and shoes you, which, though not exactly set to at least a similar look the same (affiliate links; please use the browser on your PC to be able to see the product tips):

frashion clothes


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