Today I want to loudly shout it out loud … This bondage to clothing sizes must end. How many times have we surprised to say: “Because I want to be a size 40?” Well friends, but then cut what is…? Don’t fall into the trap of strizzarci in clothes too tight or that there are evil just because … “Are a 42, there is that you buy a 44!” None of us is equal to another … there speaks Giulia! Read here!

The sizes are a construct my dear, but we are all affected by these numeretti that, stick to the clothes, make us of employees and create many inconveniences for all ages.

Assuming that we are all different from each other, how can we fit all into five-six categories of sizes? So how do we go shopping if the sizes are not to be taken into consideration?

Well, clear, looking at the fit: urliamola this magic word, because it is what will save us from improvised diets of spring. At

pink color


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