Body shapes

The argument for me more important than section in this blog is: learn to dress according to the shape of your body.

We talk about style, fashion, must haves, but do not give us practical advice on what you’re good at those. Why? Perhaps because globalization has come up here, maybe because they are lacking in imagination and dress the woman only breadstick. Or maybe because they want to buy what you sell without asking ourselves the question of whether there gifts. And we do it. Are jeggings fashion? And we buy them and us with pride even if our love handles overflow and our b side asks for a pair of high-wasted pants and a cigarette. Go fashion dress shirts? And we wear even though our OWNOW waist disappears under there and seem a single bassoon as big as our prosperous breast.

But in the end it is not our fault, no one ever said that certain things they do for us and other no, we didn’t have an older sister who was driving us or we simply put the problem. So the only way that we have to find out what gives us has always been to try and try again, make many mistakes and eventually understand how high-wasted skirts are our miracle.



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