Dresses 2015: most beautiful styles and colors to wear for the summe


Trends for wedding dresses to show off during the warm season, between elegance and low cost garments.

Spring and summer are the seasons of ceremonies: they are weddings, baptisms, christenings or various events, the dress code requires that the gown must be suitable and appropriate for the occasion. The wearable dresses during the warm season, basically, take a cue from fashion spring clothing, where peep warm colors and showy, tropical fantasies and minimal geometries. What to wear for a wedding? Elegance, at least for this season, rhymes with artisan, embroidery and tulle with nonchalance and rightly to match the appropriate accessory.

Dresses for summer 2015, here’s what to wear: low-cost trends and styles for weddings

There are many brands that were imposed during the spring with trendy proposals; not only stylish clothes for various ceremonies, but also cocktail dresses and jaunty mood, you can also dress up for holidays and evenings.

Always, however, the classic black dress, the pink and the yellow, which this year stands out as one of the most beautiful and sunny colors of the season. The short dress over the knee is trendy; the nozzle straight, that softer tunic or minders adhering themselves as fashion models, along with the skirt dress, recently returned to prominence and long dress with low cut back. Even the fabrics are light and impalpable: trendy silk, lace, tulle and guipure processing that give to the dress that extra. Among the new features are, also, dress jacket or pant with fitting the remarkable jumpsuit waistline. For important ceremonies are both fashion clothes from male slitting, fluffy ones with volumes adorned with prints and crystals. Continue to follow for other news affecting spring fashion summer 2015 and the latest trends for the ceremonies. At http://ownow.com


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