Fashion trends 2015: the skirt becomes curvy friendly, here’s how to dress in spring/summer 2015

fashion girl

We often hear about curvy fashion friendly, an alternative way to say that fashion is for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether its corners are more abundant, if your breasts more prosperous, if its silhouette is not that of the supermodels on glossy covers. Fashion meets all needs, not taking away anyone like to dress well, and keeping up with the trends. So here’s the latest spring/summer Trends 2015 for the curvy, not too far from Paris Fashion Week…

The skirt is definitely the leader of the trendiest clothing for curvy women. In this case it is good though to make the right choices. According to the spring/summer Trends 2015 curvy fashion, we recommend the skirt flared ankle-long, tight just below the breasts as a reminder of life and give a curvaceous hourglass shape. This model can be easily matched to top basic, preferably black. Other type of curvy skirt friendly is tubular under knee, stiff fabric, which tends to produce an optical effect of slanciatezza and linearity.

Curvy friendly alternative that enhances the figure is longuette skirt, high wasted, accompanied with short top and blazer. Therefore, GoGo, skirt in all the sauces and in all lengths, with the exception of the mini, which weighs down the figure. The colors of spring summer 2015 are navy blue, dark and therefore ideal for curvy look friendly, marsala and dark green, emerald or military.


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