Colored tights: how to wear?


Colored tights can help every fashion-maniac woman to create a complete picture. If you choose correctly the colors, you can look very elegant. The most important thing is to learn to combine with other clothes, because only in this way will look really stylish and not ridiculous.

For the summer select tights decorated with floral motifs. For strict and severe views, with dark suits and dresses, considered the most suitable tights with geometric patterns. It should also be noted that the tights with designs make the feet visually more. Therefore, women with more plump feet, it is preferable to choose tights with big plans. In this case, you can choose tights with vertical stripes will make your legs optically slimmer.

Tights with various colorful motifs going more to young girls. In this case, the dress or skirt should be above the knee. Otherwise, your image will have a quickie hue will look incomplete. Monochrome tights-a perfect choice, suitable for almost any woman. Remember that tights in dark shades make the feet visually more minutes, while lighter shades, have the opposite effect.

Monochrome tights in Orange, red and yellow colors match beautifully with black dresses. Also the Orange tights can be combined with brown clothes. You can wear the shirt in the same color with the tights, a Brown baggy skirt and black high-heeled shoes. Remember that the colored tights impose high-heeled shoes. Grey tights are considered safe option and can be combined with all the clothes and colors. It is suitable for daily appearances, flying a mediocrity in the other colored clothes.

If you want your legs to look more away, choose footwear in the same color with the tights. Very important rule, especially for short women. The cold time of the year, very nice picture create pantyhose in the same color as the sweaters, sweaters or jackets. Black and dark brown tights fit more with dark monochrome clothes, while the white tights is recommended to be combined with bright or pastel shades. By following these simple rules, you are always elegant and impressive appearance.


How to choose the perfect Maxi dress for you!

fashion maxi dresses

Is the most feminine outfit your wardrobe and gives an incredible stylish air, in your appearance. Of course, but you’re not fit all Maxi dresses, nor can supports all styles.

The body type and height are kombikoi factors that will influence your choice! With the right shoes and accessories, will LK and the takeoffs will entypwsiaseis all!

What you will need to be impeccable with the long your dress!

4 “ingredients”, you need to be flawless at official appearances! Gown long, high-heeled sandals or pumps, imposing jewelry and large bag or even better folder!

Dress length

If you’re a prolific woman, this woman’s outfit is part of your wardrobe must simply take care to narrows in the Middle, you look like, so poke with potatoes.

This garment sits on you just like a plus size tops and tunics, so it is advisable to avoid the bulk in the middle. It is an excellent choice for women type “Apple” or “pear”, why conceal imperfections with mastery. If you’re psiloligni, the dress, I modeled kolakepsei incredibly.


The monochrome and the printed fabric, is the summer must! He chose colors such as yellow, lilac, pistachio baklava, pink, nude or some classic option, as the total white or plain black.

If you’re Petite, dodged large stamps or huge flowers, because it will wipe out. If you want something floral, picked out those dresses with tiny flowers, in monochrome or colored background.

The cut of the garment

If you want to become taller, with longer neck and trunk, buy fair trade strapless options as braces to shorten. Has a cold? You can get a sleek turtleneck and wear out or to cover your shoulders with a great pashmina.

How to combine shoes with the dress!

To choose the high-heeled shoes, unless you’re a girl with 2-bar poise! The tall shoe, except the height, it removes and pounds, because it shows more psiloligni, than you’re normal! If you are psiloligni, it allows to wear stylish flat heel shoes, provided they are not sports.

What Accessories to lectures with the Maxi dress you?

It is advisable to wear large jewelry and keep a huge bag, so, to look even more toniseis!

Anyway, the Maxi dress refers to Bohemian or even chipiko and styles to show, they’re a whopping accessories with cool colors or the classic Gold/Silver (depending on the color of the dress, of course!). at

Two fashion rules for all figure types

There are at least two fashion rules that can very nice track you on the basis of the shown outfits and have universal validity – if nothing else says the current fashion trend…

Fashion rule 1: If above far, then narrow down – and the other way around

If you wear a very volumes piece of clothing on the upper body, the clothes on the body should be very narrow and close to the figure kept. So you can balance the volume. The same applies to widely cut trousers or skirts: you should combine them with narrow, cut close to the body shells.

Fashion rule 2: If above long, then down short and vice versa

If you wear a very long cut top, your skirt or your pants should rather have a shorter hem. If your top is very short, a skirt or a pair of trousers with long hem will make good.

This has to do with the vertical proportions and the golden ratio. Our outfit example combines the oversize blouse with an ankle-free narrow pants. This result in very attractive vertical proportions. Alternatively, you could combine also a maximum knee short, narrow pencil skirt to. A maxi – or MIDI skirt long blouse would be however unthinkable…

You see, the seemingly simple outfit of white blouse with gray pants has it all. Not only, that’s several details has, figural advantages at the correct piece type, it converts two important fashion rules. Whether the many women who so positively judged the outfit, have also recognized this, I cannot judge of course. It is often a good instinct for proportions and harmonious compositions which can be certain looks from the mass of outfits stand out. I think it’s simply beautiful, if the quality of a balanced design.

How do you see that? Can you enjoy the friendly outfit? Would you carry it, or what would you change it? I look forward to your comments!

Shopping tips for a similar look

Here I’ve put together a few pieces of clothing and shoes you, which, though not exactly set to at least a similar look the same (affiliate links; please use the browser on your PC to be able to see the product tips):

frashion clothes

Styling for the Y figure: fashion tips that will make legs strong shoulders

If you are a woman with a Y character, your body focus on the upper body is. They have broad, often quite angular shoulders and a large bust. On the other is a nearly even girly Petite body. In between, one is rather just waist. The highlights of the woman with Y figure are her beautiful, long legs, narrow hips and the pretty, small butt, which is fashionable to stage it. In this post I have compiled the top 10 fashion tips you that really make your shoulder hugging figure legs. At best, you look like in the article “Proportions rather than problem areas”, whether you are a Y-character type. at




Today I want to loudly shout it out loud … This bondage to clothing sizes must end. How many times have we surprised to say: “Because I want to be a size 40?” Well friends, but then cut what is…? Don’t fall into the trap of strizzarci in clothes too tight or that there are evil just because … “Are a 42, there is that you buy a 44!” None of us is equal to another … there speaks Giulia! Read here!

The sizes are a construct my dear, but we are all affected by these numeretti that, stick to the clothes, make us of employees and create many inconveniences for all ages.

Assuming that we are all different from each other, how can we fit all into five-six categories of sizes? So how do we go shopping if the sizes are not to be taken into consideration?

Well, clear, looking at the fit: urliamola this magic word, because it is what will save us from improvised diets of spring. At

pink color

The type of cloth are important

The type of fabric and especially the heft, are particularly important. Since the climate is warm/hot all year, clothes are made with fabrics and breathable read that allow air to circulate freely. In this way, the clothes are fresh and light and protect the skin from the Sun.

Clothes and seasons

In the summer months to stay fresh are mainly worn clothes of lighter colors. In the winter months the colors of autumn are more clothes.

If you have to wear jeans in countries with colder temperatures as the Northern USA, Canada or Northern Europe, you can wear them in the winter months (November-March). The denim fabric suitable for these colder Countries, however, will be too awkward and heavy to wear in the summer months.

If you want to wear jeans in summer I advise you to buy them here in Barcelona where they are of a much lighter fabric jeans commonly purchased in Europe, Canada and Northern Europe. The goal is to feel comfortable but also protected from the strong sun.

You will be surprised to discover how a lightweight cotton can keep you cool and comfortable even under the hot sun.

Don’t struggle with clothes that are not suitable to the climate: you’ll be uncomfortable, you’ll get hot and this will make your trip less enjoyable. If you need to invest in some light clothes here in Barcelona.

Winter (December, January and February) these are the cooler months, when you wear your jeans. I also recommend bringing a jacket and some clothes. It doesn’t rain much in Barcelona, but there are rainy days, especially in recent months and that of April. Remember to bring a waterproof jacket and an umbrella.

Spring (March, April, may) starts to be more warming, but there are still fresh, especially days in March. Get ready to warm and sunny days but also a cool with occasional rain.

Summer (June, July, August)

In this period, Barcelona is hot and humid, Especially August can be very humid. You’ll need to wear fabrics and preferably read by bright colors during the day. In the evening you can wear clothes of darker colors if you want.

Autumn (September, October and November)

The weather can be nice and sunny but it starts getting cooler, especially in November.

We wrote a weather report every day for each day of the month in Barcelona. Take a look at this report to get an idea of temperatures and weather conditions during the year. more at

Body shapes

The argument for me more important than section in this blog is: learn to dress according to the shape of your body.

We talk about style, fashion, must haves, but do not give us practical advice on what you’re good at those. Why? Perhaps because globalization has come up here, maybe because they are lacking in imagination and dress the woman only breadstick. Or maybe because they want to buy what you sell without asking ourselves the question of whether there gifts. And we do it. Are jeggings fashion? And we buy them and us with pride even if our love handles overflow and our b side asks for a pair of high-wasted pants and a cigarette. Go fashion dress shirts? And we wear even though our OWNOW waist disappears under there and seem a single bassoon as big as our prosperous breast.

But in the end it is not our fault, no one ever said that certain things they do for us and other no, we didn’t have an older sister who was driving us or we simply put the problem. So the only way that we have to find out what gives us has always been to try and try again, make many mistakes and eventually understand how high-wasted skirts are our miracle.


Dresses 2015: most beautiful styles and colors to wear for the summe


Trends for wedding dresses to show off during the warm season, between elegance and low cost garments.

Spring and summer are the seasons of ceremonies: they are weddings, baptisms, christenings or various events, the dress code requires that the gown must be suitable and appropriate for the occasion. The wearable dresses during the warm season, basically, take a cue from fashion spring clothing, where peep warm colors and showy, tropical fantasies and minimal geometries. What to wear for a wedding? Elegance, at least for this season, rhymes with artisan, embroidery and tulle with nonchalance and rightly to match the appropriate accessory.

Dresses for summer 2015, here’s what to wear: low-cost trends and styles for weddings

There are many brands that were imposed during the spring with trendy proposals; not only stylish clothes for various ceremonies, but also cocktail dresses and jaunty mood, you can also dress up for holidays and evenings.

Always, however, the classic black dress, the pink and the yellow, which this year stands out as one of the most beautiful and sunny colors of the season. The short dress over the knee is trendy; the nozzle straight, that softer tunic or minders adhering themselves as fashion models, along with the skirt dress, recently returned to prominence and long dress with low cut back. Even the fabrics are light and impalpable: trendy silk, lace, tulle and guipure processing that give to the dress that extra. Among the new features are, also, dress jacket or pant with fitting the remarkable jumpsuit waistline. For important ceremonies are both fashion clothes from male slitting, fluffy ones with volumes adorned with prints and crystals. Continue to follow for other news affecting spring fashion summer 2015 and the latest trends for the ceremonies. At

Fashion trends 2015: the skirt becomes curvy friendly, here’s how to dress in spring/summer 2015

fashion girl

We often hear about curvy fashion friendly, an alternative way to say that fashion is for everyone. It doesn’t matter whether its corners are more abundant, if your breasts more prosperous, if its silhouette is not that of the supermodels on glossy covers. Fashion meets all needs, not taking away anyone like to dress well, and keeping up with the trends. So here’s the latest spring/summer Trends 2015 for the curvy, not too far from Paris Fashion Week…

The skirt is definitely the leader of the trendiest clothing for curvy women. In this case it is good though to make the right choices. According to the spring/summer Trends 2015 curvy fashion, we recommend the skirt flared ankle-long, tight just below the breasts as a reminder of life and give a curvaceous hourglass shape. This model can be easily matched to top basic, preferably black. Other type of curvy skirt friendly is tubular under knee, stiff fabric, which tends to produce an optical effect of slanciatezza and linearity.

Curvy friendly alternative that enhances the figure is longuette skirt, high wasted, accompanied with short top and blazer. Therefore, GoGo, skirt in all the sauces and in all lengths, with the exception of the mini, which weighs down the figure. The colors of spring summer 2015 are navy blue, dark and therefore ideal for curvy look friendly, marsala and dark green, emerald or military.

How to dress well in summer


This summer fashion is full of new trends, but a few simple tips can make your look more than a new wardrobe by helping you feel better with what you wear.

Dress to express, not to impress

Perhaps one of the best in fashion tips, also with a view to finding a style that over time there is full, you try to express ourselves: it seems trivial, but sometimes you fall into the trap of appearing to us as we would like to see others, and how we are. In short, it can be difficult to find its own style, figure out what heads and cuts give more to our body, also worry what others think may be misleading and … tiring. There will always be someone who will have something to say about our clothing: but if we’re showing what we truly are, it doesn’t hurt him.