The future of shopping is in mobile payment


Asian consumers no longer want to make the queue at the counter especially if the desired item is cheap and readily available elsewhere. As evidenced by a search for Epson Asian consumers are demanding the introduction of new technologies that will improve the experience of choice and purchase. Do a little queue at the checkout is acceptable, but if this becomes too long the impact on the business of the shop is worrying, as evidenced by the search for Epson.

The 42% of consumer’s state that less applies the product they want to buy, but are willing to long wait in the queue, while 28% waits patiently in the queue only if you have already spent a lot of time to choose items. Research shows that is greater than the likelihood of abandonment of shopping for cheap goods and those of consumer goods that do not require much time for choice, something that retailers should keep in mind, pledging to turn technologies capable of reducing queues.

Globally, the 42% of Asian consumers would also be able to have mobility payment at the store. Dragging this percentage is India, where as much as 66% of the sample asks loudly. The motives of the proponents of mobile payment are, in order: faster pay the purchase, less tail, elimination of cash, simplicity and comfort. In particular, 90% of the India sample hereby appreciate offers and promotions from the brand; the 89% see welcome custom promo; the 70% welcomes a custom shopping experience in all its aspects, in particular, the segment of respondents under 30 and one with greater spending power.

The receipt and the traditional paper receipt is still ranked by most consumers, although it is increasing the percentage of those for whom the two options are indifferent or electronic receipt is preferred. The availability of in-store technology able to simplify, speed up and improve the shopping experience is welcome from the entire Asian champion. Research shows that Retail stakeholders must adopt advanced technology to improve the shopping experience for customers in the store. The idea of the store of the future Asian consumers includes Omni- channels, in-store technology and app that will allow you to compare the features and prices of products in the shop and tools for virtual store that will let you see how a sofa would be with the rest of the home decor or as a garment goes to clothes already owned.


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