How to find your own style


How to find a boyfriend? How to find work? How to make a lot of money? How to find your own style?

These questions have in common a specific thing, are things you must do first hand and all the advice in the world can only get in the right direction, but no one can solve the problem rather than yours.

If you are looking for a soul mate can advise you to go out and change around people or enroll in any course or club. If you want to change jobs or try one before you recommend all saints who know (Council Santa Rita, famous for its miracles) then he leaves the House, you send resume, you make phone calls. If you want much money there are various lines of thought, from the work as mules, to play the lottery, to marry someone who has them already.

In any case you can’t expect with its hands for it to arrive in Prince charming, we call the talent scout who has heard humming in the bar to make a cd, or die a few relative emigrated that shows us as sole heir.

When you search your own style or we complain that we do not have one you can expect it to arrive a stranger right in style handbag, If you have seen various makeovers or attended meetings with personal shopper you will see that the best before questioning the unfortunate, and then give some proposal. In any case, is that what you choose to like it or not is not his style, simply because he did not single-handedly.

I wouldn’t even try to tell you what style you have. I can tell you what you gave, as match it, how to choose it, if I were with you in front of your closet, I could continue saying what there is going well, what you throw away. But I could never tell you what style should have. Nor much less to those who inspire you, why wouldn’t you.

I have tried to illustrate the steps, and is something that I will continue to do, with various post is illustrative that motivational, but already that affront the topic I thought I’d mention here articles that can be used to find its own style and look.

Always matches from the perspective that change look and find your own style is a gradual process, and not be improvised from one day to the next.

If you want to change because now you look dressed only in jeans, sneakers and t-shirts as when you were in high school the post for you is this: change Look.

If you want to change your look because you always dressed in black and your wardrobe doesn’t know what color your post is this: Goodbye total black.

If you like the accessories but don’t know how to match them and recover to always wear the same bag you can find instructions here: instructions for use Accessories.

If you want to find try one more feminine style and don’t wear the skirt because you’re convinced its awkward post for you is this: the skirt is convenient?

If you are accustomed to dress in the same way as with a skirt or a dress you feel just uncomfortable with the exercise to be done is explained here: the game of camerino.

Your own style is, if you want, I’m experiencing, looking around, trying new things and then moving on to degrees from the old to the new you.

I can tell you what gives you more, I can motivate you to try more skirt and outfits, I can “sgridavi” when you see worse than what you are, but I can’t tell you what you like, what it’s up to you.

It is not mandatory to have its own style; if you want to be well dressed with garments that will give you can be even without finding your exact style. Indeed if we want to be accurate this story of the style is a bit overrated, I say I don’t have a specific style as Don often the same type of clothes and models can be also defined a little bon ton. The blogger I proposed some images, change depending on the style and mood of the occasion even if they try to fit every personality and tendency to their taste.


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