The five categories of social shopping

The Social Shopping embraces a wide range of definitions, but it can largely be divided into five categories:

Group shopping sites, shopping communities, Recommendation engines, Shopping Marketplaces, Shopping and shared,

1) The Group shopping sites include companies like Groupon and Living Social.

These kinds of sites encourage people to purchase the collection at wholesale prices.

2) The communities shopping lead people to discuss, share, and buy on various products for sale.

Using the experience of the people, users communicate and aggregate information on products, prices and offers. Many sites allow users to create custom shopping lists and share with friends. Until now, this kind of social shopping has been dominated by the communities that have as main topic fashion, clothing and accessories. However, the business community is not limited exclusively to fashion. There is in fact a shopping community called OWNOW discussing on free products. Lately many communities were born shopping about travel and holidays.

3) Recommendation engines are a social shopping method that enables users to obtain information about the characteristics of a product, providing data and reviews. An example is given by the famous Amazon site which tries to predict the ‘ rating ‘ or ‘ preference ‘ that a user would give to an item (for example, music object, books, or movies or even as individuals or social groups) encouraging discussions around the product with friends of a generic user.

4) The Social Shopping Marketplaces conveys sellers and buyers in a virtual place to facilitate commercial transactions. Offline analogy for this category can be a market or a bazaar. The social market brings together independent sellers and creates a forum for them to expose and sell their products to buyers. The market offers buyers and sellers ways to connect and communicate easily.

5) The Shared shopping use sharing mechanisms using e-commerce catalogs. This allows customers to create ad hoc groups of business collaboration in which a person can drive an online shopping experience for one or more other persons, with real-time communication with each other and with the dealer.

Social Shopping site


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