The clothing as a whole forms a protective artificial case directly to the body of the people (more rarely from animals) and characterizes its appearance. As a measure of the body design is a means of non-verbal communication – consciously or unconsciously – and has developed accordingly in different cultures and times vary. Clothing has also different names such as clothes apparels, etc. Everyone also has his own style in the choice of clothing

A clear definition of the concept of clothing is difficult. The delimitation to other artificial sheaths to the (human / animal) body is fluid (E.g. sleeping bag with sleeves). Typically an artificial shell is considered clothing, she wears around the man with (in contrast to such as a sleeping bag, a tent, or architecture generally).

People of most regions worldwide carry at least a minimum of clothes in most situations. In animals, it is rather the exception: since the end of the 20th century some dress their pets, such as dogs and cats, especially in cold weather,



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