Fashion spring/summer 2015 trends

The romantic trend

The romantic trend returns almost every year on the front of the stage in spring-summer. And 2015 are cut, since the hour will be lace, white and nude, to wake up your side blue flower.

Suddenly, if you want to be in the trend this spring – was, you will have to exit your small skirts to froufrou and your tops in white crochet, cute looks, but with a sexy touch, all the same!

The strengths

Lace, although obviously, you pourraq be up as down!

Hook, both retro and romantic

The summer Sandals all simple

Ballerinas and lace slippers

Liberty print

The games of transparency, with black or white

The dresses or even baby dolls

Lightweight materials that fly in the wind

The cuts, often in the form of flowers

Lacing games, the Spartans

The monochrome pink or white


White, as you could guess. But it will be a very in vogue this season, any color spectrum!

The nude

Clear beige

Powdered roses

The cream, ecru

The Place to Be

On the Pont des Arts, trying to attach a padlock with your half (your cat can be this half)

Your pairs

Taylor Swift, Rapunzel, and most of the Disney princesses

Know more at OWNOW



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