For women, the question of the right outfit is always a topic. This is especially true if pending a special occasion and you want to shine especially with its styling. The prom is an extraordinary day in the life, which is to be celebrated. But how do you find the right dress? There are no limits to the imagination!

Maxi dress

A long dress to the prom is an elegant choice. Maxi dresses look great and women enjoy every opportunity, to take one. There are many different ways: strapless or with straps, colourful or monochrome, with Rhinestones, sequins glitter etc. Here the tastes differ, but everyone should wear a dress in which he feels. However, there are a few general rules that should be considered when purchasing from OWNOW. The length of the dress is crucial, because a short part dress looks unflattering and quickly destroyed the whole look. It is also important to find the right shoes. In long dresses, sandals are recommended, because a shoe acts quickly plump. At the time of purchase, you should try to always dress and shoes together, because the heel height is decisive for the length of the dress.

Short dress

Everyone can wear a cocktail dress! Especially the little black dress is and remains a classic that adapts to each type. Even in short dresses almost endless selection of colours, materials and cuts, To facilitate the search, you should pay attention to some things. Short homecoming dresses are beautiful and show leg, what can look elegant and sexy at the same time. But it is not too short. Can be seen quietly the knee, but you should not run the risk with every wrong move that dress too bares. Generally you go here with the motto “Less is more!” rather less well, because in the prom dress, you would not cheap to participate! The choice of shoes is easy with short dresses. You can wear high heels, pumps, sandals – what you feel most comfortable.


Who are some trusts, which can convince on the prom in a jumpsuit? Only the correct styling is important. The jumpsuit should be elegant. You can spice up a plain black jumpsuit with heels, a belt and matching great jewellery. There are many beautiful models, which have for example a free back or offer other eye-catchers. Stars such as Heidi Klum, Selena Gomez and Kendall Jenner the beautiful look on the red carpet are.


If you have found the right outfit for the evening, then still the right jewellery need. Here you should not exaggerate rather. Earrings look wonderful in an up do a plunging neckline is a chain of advantage. A glittering ring or Barrettes in their hair are also great eye-catcher. But please not all at once! Rather a few a few accents. In addition to the jewellery, also a bag is important. An elegant solution is the clutch, which is just super to any dress or jumpsuit. Who prefer a bag with strap, which can to look for a handbag with chain instead of a leather belt – which is particularly elegant? Here there are great tips in terms of Make Up and hairstyling by the style team:

So the big day closer and the excitement and the right dress finding we go. What is your perfect prom dress? What are your outfit suggestions? We are looking forward to your ideas!

Love greetings,



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