Women’s Summer Dresses

Light summer dresses, elegant business outfits, evening dresses and glamorous occasions, casual clothes: clothes are clothes with multiple facets! The history of women’s clothing brings us back to the antiquity. Until the end of the 19th century, with the emancipation that pressure, not the pants for women, over time increasingly worn by women, who until then had only worn clothes. Now the clothes are again very loved by so many women: not only are very feminine, but compared to the past are also becoming much more comfortable. Among the most elegant models are the evening gowns. You wear on occasions such as weddings, ceremonies, dances. The predominant color for these elegant dresses is black. Lovers of extravagant style, however, they can also be found in the most vibrant shades such as red, blue or green





The five categories of social shopping

The Social Shopping embraces a wide range of definitions, but it can largely be divided into five categories:

Group shopping sites, shopping communities, Recommendation engines, Shopping Marketplaces, Shopping and shared,

1) The Group shopping sites include companies like Groupon and Living Social.

These kinds of sites encourage people to purchase the collection at wholesale prices.

2) The communities shopping lead people to discuss, share, and buy on various products for sale.

Using the experience of the people, users communicate and aggregate information on products, prices and offers. Many sites allow users to create custom shopping lists and share with friends. Until now, this kind of social shopping has been dominated by the communities that have as main topic fashion, clothing and accessories. However, the business community is not limited exclusively to fashion. There is in fact a shopping community called OWNOW discussing on free products. Lately many communities were born shopping about travel and holidays.

3) Recommendation engines are a social shopping method that enables users to obtain information about the characteristics of a product, providing data and reviews. An example is given by the famous Amazon site which tries to predict the ‘ rating ‘ or ‘ preference ‘ that a user would give to an item (for example, music object, books, or movies or even as individuals or social groups) encouraging discussions around the product with friends of a generic user.

4) The Social Shopping Marketplaces conveys sellers and buyers in a virtual place to facilitate commercial transactions. Offline analogy for this category can be a market or a bazaar. The social market brings together independent sellers and creates a forum for them to expose and sell their products to buyers. The market offers buyers and sellers ways to connect and communicate easily.

5) The Shared shopping use sharing mechanisms using e-commerce catalogs. This allows customers to create ad hoc groups of business collaboration in which a person can drive an online shopping experience for one or more other persons, with real-time communication with each other and with the dealer.

Social Shopping site

The development of Women’s shoes as a milestone

Many people think women and shoes – a never-ending story. Which is not so, because the women wear shoes, also and above all in the public domain, is relatively new in the history of mankind. In the middle Ages it was believed in this country, a woman should simply wear no shoes so that she could not run her husband. This reads something to smile about, but gets another dimension when you consider that motivations at the time were the exception, women had no rights whatsoever except for the comprehensive to serve her husband. It’s something that happened she had no legal protection, running away was the only option.

At the foot of the woman, to think about in the Middle East, is to see whether she was docile and soft and can give birth to children. It was for example is by no means unusual in India that a bride was rejected due to her feet. Therefore, probably Comes the tradition maintained to this day, to put the feet with elaborate henna paintings in scene.

Women’s shoes are more than just an accessory

Is probably aware of the few shoe lovers, what giant leap in freedom and self-determination it meant, when women were allowed to wear shoes in its sole discretion and without special permission by the local Council. In some areas, this happened only at the beginning of the 20th century! Possibly this is however present at the subconscious level and participates on the intense connection, women shoes, on the feeling, one can never have enough.

In their many colors and shapes, they flatter the exterior and express the personality of the wearer, as she goes through life. A piece of freedom in movement and expression, are more than just a piece of women’s clothing shoes. Until she set up shoe fashion unique woman, whose expression is all fashion targets and makes the Lady.


Dresses – elegant and stylish dress for special occasions

A summer reception, a gala dinner, a prom – there are numerous occasions to which women would represent an elegant eye-catcher with a dress for your environment. Dresses are fashion classics, which with a sophisticated touch to be known and this offer a particularly aesthetic flair. Dresses of this way also belong to the assortment of sliver and go far beyond the ordinary everyday fashion in their optical charm. Whether through flashy and daring cuts or enchanting patterns and ornaments – all dresses from our range have its own individual character, with which every trendy woman tasteful and exceptionally can dress up.

Das_perfekte_Styling_zum_Abschlussball_So_geht_s_ ashionable-womens-clothes-shoes-accessories

Trendy fashion for an individual style

With the beginning of spring, it will be time for new accessories that highlight the unique style and this trendy and original. Every day there are new ways and simple pieces of clothing can be jazzed up quite quickly. Now, informed the shop on ownow.com on the subject of fashion and shows new trends that have a special charisma.

Special accessories for any outfit

Accessories it is not only that they are designed in different colors and styles, but underline the personality of its own, Celebez brand offers a variety of products, which can be worn in everyday life and on special occasions. They conjure up a Catcher from a simple black T-Shirt.

Well processed fabrics and materials ensure a long lifetime of the new favorite piece. Various accessories can be used and combined – are no limits in the creativity. Trendy and striking products for men and women belong to the range of shops alike. These are not oriented to humdrum fashion guidelines, but can be so colorful and striking.

Endless combination possibilities for every day

Caps, sunglasses and co after the personal perception can be combined depending on the taste. They offer numerous opportunities to live out the style in the spring or summer. Colorful caps by Celebez are a highlight on almost any head. Also pretty with little effort a simple top or a solid color jacket on. The various options are very versatile and result in many new ideas for special outfits.

Oliver electoral field operates the online shop ownow.com. The company is located in India Mumbai. On the pages of the shop, customers have the opportunity to select products from the fields of fashion and accessories. A clear division of categories helps in the search for exceptional pieces. Emerging issues to the range or to order a counseling hotline and a contact form is available.

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Trendy Spring/ summer 2015 Outfits for Women by OWNOW.COM

OWNOW gives a view of a trendy summer look. When temperatures rise, many women on the question of despair what they intended to be stylish but summery dressed.


Trendy summer look: OWNOW combines many trends

Better than OWNOW, you cannot dress up for the summer. The actress combines many trends of this season in an outfit and looks gorgeous.

The short, blue dress in the tunic style is breezy and casual. The pattern of the dress is playful. To do this, OWNOW combines a denim jacket. The rough jacket is a nice contrast to the easy dress. Since last summer, the denim jacket is back. The jacket can be of course safely at home at hot temperatures.

OWNOW wears outfit Roman sandals with a heel, which this summer is the trend in the shoes to her. Already last year has adorned the feet of Hollywood stars the comfortable, flat version of Newcomb or even Gladiator sandals.

Also the accessories by OWNOW are appropriately selected. The hat protects not only from sunstroke, but is the right place for a leisure outfit, cool and casual.

This summer look shows OWNOW not only a sense of style, but also provides inspiration to the own look. After styling is therefore strongly encouraged


“I’ve got nothing to wear!” – The typical saying once again cannot decide for women, when they stand before the wardrobe and, what they want to attract. So that won’t happen to you in the future, you need urgently woman’s fashion for any occasion! OWNOW presents trendy women’s clothing, which makes your look every day. Look forward to wonderful dresses of even & odd, Short skirts, crisp skinny jeans, snug sweaters by acne and vertiginous high heels – heavenly Bliss awaits you now with your shopping experience at OWNOW!



The clothing as a whole forms a protective artificial case directly to the body of the people (more rarely from animals) and characterizes its appearance. As a measure of the body design is a means of non-verbal communication – consciously or unconsciously – and has developed accordingly in different cultures and times vary. Clothing has also different names such as clothes apparels, etc. Everyone also has his own style in the choice of clothing

A clear definition of the concept of clothing is difficult. The delimitation to other artificial sheaths to the (human / animal) body is fluid (E.g. sleeping bag with sleeves). Typically an artificial shell is considered clothing, she wears around the man with (in contrast to such as a sleeping bag, a tent, or architecture generally).

People of most regions worldwide carry at least a minimum of clothes in most situations. In animals, it is rather the exception: since the end of the 20th century some dress their pets, such as dogs and cats, especially in cold weather,


Handbags clutches

The right handbag is the perfect clothes. What woman doesn’t love them? Is not just a fashion accessory, but also the need for them? Where with the whole little things those need a wife? The makeup, the perfume, the mobile and much, much more


Large pockets

An important aspect is that what one needs the handbag. A shopping trip is planned, large pockets are very practical. Large pockets, which have many pockets and zippers in the inner compartment, avoid the big mess in a handbag? These so-called “big bags” should have an additional zipper compartment in the middle. So the bag is divided in two parts. And in the Middle zipper compartment, the purse is safely stored and equal to the hand. Also a separate mobile phone Pocket is of advantage. So, you save the big search on a call. In an additional small side pocket with a zipper, the lipstick is immediately at hand. Large handbags can be well stowed slightly smaller purchases. Usually, these handbags made of soft PU are made. At this size, a real leather hand bag would be very expensive. A high-quality soft PU material is very soft and grippe. Fancy designs and great colors are produced with this material. Starting from 2600 rupees are already great bags to buy.

Small bags

Only a meal in the restaurant is planned or a visit with friends, so just a small bag. It is important first and foremost to color match the clothes. A fresh summer dress can withstand particularly bright or bright colors. In the winter, when everything is dull and grey and the clothing have more subtle colors, so

Are black, Brown and warm tones the right choice. From 4667 Rupees and up genuine leather bags are available. What quite often is beneficial because these handbags are more durable than leather.

Evening bags

Evening bags should especially not be too large. Teasingly, playful or edgy, this is the motto here. The selection is very large in this category. Embellished with Rhinestones or loops are the eye-catcher par excellence. Get cheap models from 893 rupees.

The most important aspect of a handbag is that it fits to the style of clothes and is color designed. Only a perfect performance is guaranteed.

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Fashion as an expression

Fashion can be convenient, look good, and reflect current trends. But fashion has one main purpose: you must bring the personality of the wearer optimally to the validity. You ably point out. And they consistently show their best side. For the women’s fashion gets also ample space: whether the subtle or classic business looks, the casual outfit for the trip on the weekend or the trendy style for eternal fashionistas – fashion is the constant companions in our daily lives. And exactly why she should enrich our life in all its exciting facets and fun, Create your new favorite look now!


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