Fashionable dress

  1. It very easy certain people to be fashionable. This article was written for those who do not have this luck.
  2. Read fashion magazines. Vogue, Elle, and Cosmo Girl are recommended. They are the first step, so that you get on with the next steps.
  3. Know yourself, with what is “in”. Fashion trends keep coming back. For example, skin-tight jeans are alternately in and out. The key to the fashionable-be is timing.
  4. Buy a modern dress that no one else has. Identify the unique styles of independent designers. Try on Internet sites such as and small boutiques in your area to go shopping.
  5. Know the rules of fashion. These rules are generally, in spite of the different trends. If you are not Skinny Jeans, then they are not friends, no matter what the current trend.
  6. Read fashion blogs. This will help you to find out what the latest trends are.
  7. A Mode board on that, you put your favorite clothes and pictures from magazines, make you take them off when they are no longer modern.

Learn how to design clothes and jewelry, so you know more about fashion.



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