Social shopping: the advent of purchasing in network

The power of recommendation of users has now reached the spheres of e-commerce. To take part, shopping community sites, e-retailers and brands are positioning themselves with one main goal: getting the most out of these new modes of consumption.

The rise of the community

Because the time is in the community On the Internet, the concepts are Flores. Social Computing, social networking, social shopping, shopping community, social commerce, as many words for designer – with significant variations – a profound phenomenon. “There is a significant penetration of the recommendation uses. Currently, 45% of Internet users consult advice from consumers. Half buys with a notice of Internet user in mind”,

While first-generation Internet was very focused on the concept of price, consummators patterns evolve very quickly. And see emerge increasingly high expectations in terms of service and of Council the sites take the measurement of these changes. “We are evolving our website, the price is no longer the sole criterion in the decision to purchase,”



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