Fashion trends

The fashion Web sites, providing you with information about shops, which are the current collection of fashionable clothes and clothing offer. The name of the fashion stores, garment shops, jewellery shops, shoe shops and Gift center. The list is endless. They give you also the possibility that fashionable clothes to improve to purchase of own beauty and charm. It is only about the registration at the locations of the stores and checks their collections. Choose from cute designed catalogs that provide all data about the elements and then online buy. Like fashion, keep sites on updating their data according to the changes, which can count in the world of fashion always on it. If you buy a cloth in a business that a fashion website suggests you can to be paid up money for something that is trendy assured.indian-bridal-jewellery


Styling tips: face shape is crucial

Your face is really with the perfect hairstyle. But what a perfect hairstyle? Which cuts really are, largely depends on your face shape. But also the choosing the right hair color is crucial. So, darker colors make harder contours, what makes a face look narrower. Also in the choice of accessories, you can effectively underline your benefits if you take into consideration your face shape with the combination of shapes, colors and materials.

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What brand can I get it?

Who is already more engaged in their own right fashion, be it for work or for leisure, tends often to a particular brand. These can be completely different depending on the age. This trend, by the way – passed on whether they are aware or not – from generation to generation. Also has the choice of brand of quality to do sometimes with status and prestige.

As already mentioned, especially larger brands offer collections in different price categories, also here a comparison for you may be worth so, unless you need to change the label. Another aspect in the choice of brand is the size, because: although basically are consistent, the actual sizes when manufacturers may vary significantly. One or the other has learned that the case of jeans on my own body. With a little patience, you will find helpful information – relevant fashion forums or in the posts and comments of many online magazines or you inquires in the circle of friends. (Know more about please visit at

Fashionable dress

  1. It very easy certain people to be fashionable. This article was written for those who do not have this luck.
  2. Read fashion magazines. Vogue, Elle, and Cosmo Girl are recommended. They are the first step, so that you get on with the next steps.
  3. Know yourself, with what is “in”. Fashion trends keep coming back. For example, skin-tight jeans are alternately in and out. The key to the fashionable-be is timing.
  4. Buy a modern dress that no one else has. Identify the unique styles of independent designers. Try on Internet sites such as and small boutiques in your area to go shopping.
  5. Know the rules of fashion. These rules are generally, in spite of the different trends. If you are not Skinny Jeans, then they are not friends, no matter what the current trend.
  6. Read fashion blogs. This will help you to find out what the latest trends are.
  7. A Mode board on that, you put your favorite clothes and pictures from magazines, make you take them off when they are no longer modern.

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Shoes, my love. 18 types of heeled shoes: learn to know them and choose the one that suits you most!

Can you distinguish the décolleté dizzy from a pair of kitten shoes? If you don’t chew to perfection the fashion vocabulary, we have the solution: with this guide teach you the different types of heeled shoes that exist, with their names. Ready to learn?

  1. Kitten Heels (stiletto Heels children)

In the 50’s were a must. Then, like all trends, passed out of fashion. But now she appears in L.K. Bennett auge and us suddenly we started to love them. Ideal for those who do not feel stable with a heel more important, give a touch of femininity without making you feel on stilts.

  1. Pumps

Are the equivalent of black sequin dress? All women should have a pair. The heel is high but pretty easy to wear, which makes them perfect for an entire day at the Office (just that there is from walking too!)

  1. Stiletto (high heels)

There are times when you just have to get courage, get in shooting and wear a pair of stiletto breathtaking. And then these shoes are extremely sexy. We don’t know why we accept the pain and suffering they bring, but basically we transform our legs in those endless of Naomi Campbell. It’s worth it, isn’t it?

  1. Ankle strap

With the thin or thick, strap with jewels or simple shoes with ankle strap are super-feminine and highlight the ankle and instep. Ideal for a feminine touch to a casual outfit. Not recommended for those with large ankle.

  1. Pumps with plateau

This version of the pumps allows dare with heels a few inches taller without losing (too) in stability. The wedge under the ball of the foot, in fact, makes the walk more stable. To wear only when the walking paths are reduced or having the foresight to keep in your bag a pair of Ballet flats. Prevention is better than cure, basically.

  1. Cut-outs

For those occasions when or stiletto pumps are not suitable, or if you want a beautiful touch more, can’t make you miss a couple of cut-outs, those shoes, open or closed, accolades on the ankle. In summer, perfect for showing off the pedicure just made, are combined either sporty outfits, both cocktail mini dress. Not to Be Missed.

  1. Wedges (Wedge)

There is no need to say how much we love this kind of shoe? The wedges (or wedges) are portable to all, even to those who have never worn a pair of heels. You earn in height without losing stability. Are perfect for those occasions, like a wedding or social event, you could play at the park or at the beach. You won’t have trouble walking, or on soft ground or on the sand.

  1. Grunge boots

There are a couple of other whatsoever. Looking at them they almost come dizziness, but don’t let it scare you: are high, it is true, but they are also quite comfortable. Are a hybrid between pump with plateau and booties? The most famous are those of Jeffrey Campbell, both portable with a dress, for a contrast rock/girly, with a pair of pants, preferably skinny.

  1. Small heeled Sandals

With a moderate height can do a long way and that’s why we love the heel 10. In addition to being very comfortable, they’re also very elegant. Just knowing how to wear with dress right, like a high ankle pants, perhaps tailored to…

  1. Sling backs (Sling backs)

If you are looking for a shoe that is feminine but not overly provocative, these with the strap on the back make for you. You call also because mademoiselle Coco Chanel shoes, like many other things, was the one who invented.

  1. Chelsea Boots

The indispensable booties for women getting in the race who do not want to give up the touch of class and prefer to avoid the sneakers. Undeniably British, are comfortable, practical and give a touch of elegance. The Chelsea boots are Suede, often with the elastic band on the side of the ankles.

  1. Mules (or Shoe)

Every now and then come back to fashion the sabot, much similar to flip flops or slippers, so as to unleash in equal measure love or hate. Each is entitled to his tastes, of course, but know that even for these shoes very controversial just knowing how to choose the right one!

  1. Ballroom

Elegance starts right there, from the toes. Could be your motto if you decide to wear shoes with heels “Ballroom”. With their comfortable sole and the ankle, often lacing, make you feel more safe and comfortable … and then not even have heels are too high!

  1. Corset heels

How to define these? Slave sandals are perhaps the sexiest high-heeled shoes and provocative. If you feel sure of yourself, you won’t be able to do certainly less than a pair of sandals-corset!

  1. Espadrilles

Who said that espadrilles are not sexy? Are not technically “shoes with heels, but with their rope wedge are definitely high, and then shoes are perfect for the summer?

  1. Cone Heel

Imagine having an ice cream cone underfoot. Thanks to the particular shape of their heel, in fact, cone will give stability and comfort throughout the day. Tip: add them to your collection of footwear

  1. A spool Heel

Lovely, delicate and with a low heel, offer all the stability and comfort that a girl could wish for. The heeled shoes to have a spool heel very particular shape, flared upwards. The stability of cone-shaped heel joins the grace of a sinuous shape, like a shoe of the ‘ 700. Almost Rococo!

  1. High heels or fantasy sculpture

And to close leaving free rein to creativity and imagination! Sculpture heels are crazy variations of any kind, invented by designers. Many ideas you can find them here. For the rest, check out the photos below, to get an idea of the endless variety of fancy heels you can design! (Know more advice please visit at


And to close leaving free rein to creativity and imagination! Sculpture heels are crazy variations of any kind, invented by designers. Many ideas you can find them here. For the rest, check out the photos below, to get an idea of the endless variety of fancy heels you can design! (Know more advice please visit at

Social shopping: the advent of purchasing in network

The power of recommendation of users has now reached the spheres of e-commerce. To take part, shopping community sites, e-retailers and brands are positioning themselves with one main goal: getting the most out of these new modes of consumption.

The rise of the community

Because the time is in the community On the Internet, the concepts are Flores. Social Computing, social networking, social shopping, shopping community, social commerce, as many words for designer – with significant variations – a profound phenomenon. “There is a significant penetration of the recommendation uses. Currently, 45% of Internet users consult advice from consumers. Half buys with a notice of Internet user in mind”,

While first-generation Internet was very focused on the concept of price, consummators patterns evolve very quickly. And see emerge increasingly high expectations in terms of service and of Council the sites take the measurement of these changes. “We are evolving our website, the price is no longer the sole criterion in the decision to purchase,”


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