Fashion Advice: 10 essential accessories in every woman’s wardrobe

The closet, every woman’s best friend, can turn into a nightmare when you don’t know what to put.

You also admire models of bridges that have always the right detail for each outfit? See each season to increase the number of objects that ended up not to use and create only confusion? Collect junk that when you buy exceptional and which seem to gradually end up forgotten at the bottom of your wardrobe?

If you’re dreaming of a way to maximize the potential of your purchases and to find the best suitable for any occasion, these tips are for you. Here are 10 essential accessories in the female wardrobe. Why is the detail that can make a difference!

  1. Earrings

Pendants, long or short, colorful and cute or bon ton and serious. Simple Pearl, which gives a touch of brightness to the face, the more glitter and rock patterns to wear for a night on the disk. For women attentive to detail are a must, and cannot fail to appeal in the closet.

  1. The necklace

With infinite sizes and shapes, the series may have a purely aesthetic value (to complete an outfit) or it can be a way to express their own personalities. Elegant and classical, to combine with a black sequin dress or a complete fine for important occasions. Craftsmanship, built with quirky materials or with colorful stones to wear with a t-shirt and jeans; Metallica and aggressive for four jumps on the track with friends. The choice is huge!

  1. The bracelet

Those most attached to traditions and to Grandma’s advice, may decide to wear a parure, coordinating bracelet with earrings and necklace, but a definite must for the chance to play with materials and quantity! In steel with charms, rubber, and rope, plastic: you have an embarrassment of choice.

  1. The scarf (or scarves)

When the cold starts to be felt and autumn or winter peep, you can’t do without a Cape bon ton, warm but fine, that there weather shelters with elegance. That’s why in your closet can not miss the scarf. There’s something for everyone! In wool, silk, cotton … so comfortable that there are those who cannot get rid of it even in the summer. And here’s that leave room for scarves scarf, ideal to complete the casual by day, to cover a neckline a bit too deep in the evening, or to replace the Duster to cover your shoulders when she gets a bit of Breeze, maybe on the seashore.

  1. Her stockings

If small the MOM recommended them not to chill during the summer, is now a must have among the leaders of our wardrobe. Many colorful patterns, by the strangest. Polka dots, stripes, lace, leather, studs, sleeveless, rhinestones to match with any type of shoe, skirt or trousers. Knee-highs, tights, leg warmers, Paris. Enjoy the cold season more glamorous!

  1. The maxi shopping bag

At school, in the Office, around shops … Mary Poppins style! We women are the usual bear with us, ahem, the indispensable: Makeup Bag, wallet, brush, pantyhose, telephone exchange, keys … in short, a mini mobile home! Signature or not, is a must-have object that goes with each pairing, to always have everything at your fingertips to … bag!

  1. The clutch bag

Black goes with everything, it is true, but new trends offer the shapes and the colors more extravagant. We are talking about clutch bags, for a dinner or an evening of dancing. Small, pretty, with or without strap, you which you prefer?

  1. The hat

Do you think is an exclusive royalty of England? You are wrong! If you don’t have all the charm of Queen Elizabeth you can dare and feel a little princesses. Winter, wool and soft with Pompom made by Grandma, straw or summer with the visor. You see what goes through your head!

  1. Your shoes

3 heel, 5, 8, 12 and 20 for those who love dare. Open toe shoes, stiletto, and décolleté, with or without plateau. Every woman should have at least a couple. Choose a comfortable model that fits your needs and your foot and which allows you to walk. And if you can’t say no to comfort, opt for the Ballet flats or sneakers, which according to the latest trends are glamour with the elegant dresses.

  1. Creativity

You cannot buy in any shop and surely many of you will be bemoaning the fact that not for nothing … Let your imagination free, play with 9 accessories we just talked and you’ll see that you’ll impress you too of that you can get.

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