What to wear if you’re Petite: here are the valuable advice that you should follow

The advice to follow if you’re petite and don’t know what to wear

Be low and minute can create some difficulty in dressing, finding the right clothing and clothes that are really good. If your problem when you shopping you will find pants that fall at the right height, or coats and jackets that you do not disappear, then try to follow these tips on how to choose the look, such as priority items and how to combine the pieces.


High-heeled shoes with 12 cm are girls best friends minute. Of course, I’m not comfortable, and indeed you could restrict at least the occasions when you have to be at peak form and beauty. The plateau can help you make more convenient the heeled shoes, so you can opt for heels and plateau.

Another little tip: nude-colored shoes, neutral or pink meat increases the natural height effect you want.

Choose always thin belts

A good trick to not increase the effect “petite woman” is certainly not wear flashy belts, which often just high and skinny models can afford.

Choose always thin belts that emphasize figure without letting it disappear behind a strip of leather or of leather.

Wearing skinny pants

They are jeans or not, try to wear skinny pants, why emphasize and extend legs. Dark colors, of course, are preferable to those clear.

Soft trousers are perhaps more comfortable, but certainly less elegant, less beautiful, and hardly give!

The mesh v-neck help slim the figure

The purpose of dressing, if you’re Petite or low, is always to slim. So in addition to skinny jeans and heels with plateau, between the tops and sweaters are those with v-neck, stretching the figure. In addition of course to emphasize the breasts or a beautiful décolleté.

The shorts, Short and practical

Shorts require balance, when you’re petite. Better avoid culottes and hot pants, you would get the opposite effect. Instead, aim for short shorts that resemble the miniskirts and get the same effect: Slim legs.

Miniskirts: the Petite girl’s must-haves

As the shorts (the right length), even miniskirts are the must have low girl. Better a mini to a languets skirt or a medium height, which would tend to get you too, making you disappear. The important thing is to play with gusto.

Here’s what not to buy while shopping!

Now that you know what to wear, check out the list of what not to wear (possibly never):

Maxi dresses

Long skirts

High boots

Dresses and oversized jerseys

Too flashy accessories

Wide belts

Fluffy dresses

Low shoes

And you’re not the only one! Here are the star minute you can inspire you for your look!

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