Short legs? No problem, our tips will help you slim your figure. Discover them all!

Short legs can be quite a problem when trying to look their best. Some things seem impossible to afford, like oversize sweaters and jackets long, which accorcerebbero figure, others you would always ask: can I permettermele?

For doubts and pains of having short legs, come to your rescue our tips on how to dress, to slim the figure making you feel more comfortable.

Discover them all!

Your ideal shopping list

High-wasted pants


Short jackets

Monochrome or full dresses

A-line short skirts

Empire style dresses

Vertical lines

Heeled shoes color nude

Shoes with plateau

  1. High waist

For the lower part of your look, namely pants and skirts, always choose high-wasted patterns, which lead the eye shape and blend the top and bottom.

Picking up the line about life will make your legs look longer. If you want to add the heels, even better!

  1. shorter than the skirt, longest legs

You are among the fortunate who have to wear the miniskirt. A very short skirt in fact will increase the effect leg length, even when they are too short!

And in winter? Wearing of socks, maybe the color of your complexion, or black, you certainly more rush!

  1. Wearing short jackets

The jackets are a painful chapter, if you have short legs, but not too much. It’s true, you can’t wear long jackets (or shirts), but the important thing is that the hem of the jacket do not fall below your hips.

This would indeed increase the effect short legs. A short giacchino will be your best ally!

  1. The monochrome is magic!

When this is complete, with skirt or pants, with or without jacket, remember the golden rule for women with short legs: the monochrome is best broken!

Wear one color only will do indeed seem like the longest and harmonic figure, because it’s not too obvious where ends the torso and legs where they start. And then, don’t underestimate the inimitable elegance of a beautiful solid full o.

  1. Skater chic

Pretend to be a dancer of ice skating! The skirts used by those athletes indeed would be ideal for you.

Trapeze skirts are out of line to close on the flanks and spreads downwards, but they are also, and this Court, in the contrast between the volumes, will give a sleek look to your legs.

Watch Bella Thorne’s example below, and then try to believe!

  1. Return of Empire style fashion!

The clothes or the Empire style lines are those that do not mark the sides, but just below the breasts, leaving the rest of the dress or “floating” mesh.

Empire style lengthens the figure from the bust, and this would give you two merits: make your legs look longer, and let go of this fashion style!

  1. Viva maxi skirts!

Maxi skirts are the best friend of every kind of woman. For those who have short legs, even more! Contrary to what you might think, maxi skirts do not cut figure, highlighting little slender legs.

Just wear under a skirt or maxi heels high boots with plateau, the wedge, and you’re done! The important thing is to be careful to skirt hem: must not touch the floor!

  1. The importance of illusion

The lines? No problem, you can wear, but it’s better to be thin, and vertical! Even rows, if chosen well, can contribute to the illusion that your legs are longer than they are.

  1. Nude colour heels Port

Shoes with heels nude colour, or flesh-colored, are something that all should have in the wardrobe! Not only are fine with everything, but create a sleek effect precisely because they become an extension of the legs, keeping the same color of the complexion.

Caution: avoid shoes and booties several, especially of colors that contrast too much with your complexion. Accorcerebbero too you not figure no favors!

  1. An value added: the plateau

The importance of high heels, preferably nude-colored, we said. Here we can only add more value in terms of height can you wedges and plateau.

If you choose, the plateau is getting better: will make you taller and slender, and will thus feel comfortable with your look!

What not to buy while shopping:

Lorgnette skirts

Oversized clothes

Long shirts

Low-rise jeans

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Ankle boots or shoes

Excessive prints

Half-height boots

Watch the look of these celebrities to get some inspiration!


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