Fashion Advice: 10 essential accessories in every woman’s wardrobe

The closet, every woman’s best friend, can turn into a nightmare when you don’t know what to put.

You also admire models of bridges that have always the right detail for each outfit? See each season to increase the number of objects that ended up not to use and create only confusion? Collect junk that when you buy exceptional and which seem to gradually end up forgotten at the bottom of your wardrobe?

If you’re dreaming of a way to maximize the potential of your purchases and to find the best suitable for any occasion, these tips are for you. Here are 10 essential accessories in the female wardrobe. Why is the detail that can make a difference!

  1. Earrings

Pendants, long or short, colorful and cute or bon ton and serious. Simple Pearl, which gives a touch of brightness to the face, the more glitter and rock patterns to wear for a night on the disk. For women attentive to detail are a must, and cannot fail to appeal in the closet.

  1. The necklace

With infinite sizes and shapes, the series may have a purely aesthetic value (to complete an outfit) or it can be a way to express their own personalities. Elegant and classical, to combine with a black sequin dress or a complete fine for important occasions. Craftsmanship, built with quirky materials or with colorful stones to wear with a t-shirt and jeans; Metallica and aggressive for four jumps on the track with friends. The choice is huge!

  1. The bracelet

Those most attached to traditions and to Grandma’s advice, may decide to wear a parure, coordinating bracelet with earrings and necklace, but a definite must for the chance to play with materials and quantity! In steel with charms, rubber, and rope, plastic: you have an embarrassment of choice.

  1. The scarf (or scarves)

When the cold starts to be felt and autumn or winter peep, you can’t do without a Cape bon ton, warm but fine, that there weather shelters with elegance. That’s why in your closet can not miss the scarf. There’s something for everyone! In wool, silk, cotton … so comfortable that there are those who cannot get rid of it even in the summer. And here’s that leave room for scarves scarf, ideal to complete the casual by day, to cover a neckline a bit too deep in the evening, or to replace the Duster to cover your shoulders when she gets a bit of Breeze, maybe on the seashore.

  1. Her stockings

If small the MOM recommended them not to chill during the summer, is now a must have among the leaders of our wardrobe. Many colorful patterns, by the strangest. Polka dots, stripes, lace, leather, studs, sleeveless, rhinestones to match with any type of shoe, skirt or trousers. Knee-highs, tights, leg warmers, Paris. Enjoy the cold season more glamorous!

  1. The maxi shopping bag

At school, in the Office, around shops … Mary Poppins style! We women are the usual bear with us, ahem, the indispensable: Makeup Bag, wallet, brush, pantyhose, telephone exchange, keys … in short, a mini mobile home! Signature or not, is a must-have object that goes with each pairing, to always have everything at your fingertips to … bag!

  1. The clutch bag

Black goes with everything, it is true, but new trends offer the shapes and the colors more extravagant. We are talking about clutch bags, for a dinner or an evening of dancing. Small, pretty, with or without strap, you which you prefer?

  1. The hat

Do you think is an exclusive royalty of England? You are wrong! If you don’t have all the charm of Queen Elizabeth you can dare and feel a little princesses. Winter, wool and soft with Pompom made by Grandma, straw or summer with the visor. You see what goes through your head!

  1. Your shoes

3 heel, 5, 8, 12 and 20 for those who love dare. Open toe shoes, stiletto, and décolleté, with or without plateau. Every woman should have at least a couple. Choose a comfortable model that fits your needs and your foot and which allows you to walk. And if you can’t say no to comfort, opt for the Ballet flats or sneakers, which according to the latest trends are glamour with the elegant dresses.

  1. Creativity

You cannot buy in any shop and surely many of you will be bemoaning the fact that not for nothing … Let your imagination free, play with 9 accessories we just talked and you’ll see that you’ll impress you too of that you can get.

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If you are a lover of online shopping but you are missing the company of friends, you’ll be happy to discover the many benefits of social shopping, or the ability to share your experience through dedicated sites or social networks, with the ability to exchange information, read reviews, or join others for group purchases. But what is social shopping or social commerce?

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What to wear if you’re Petite: here are the valuable advice that you should follow

The advice to follow if you’re petite and don’t know what to wear

Be low and minute can create some difficulty in dressing, finding the right clothing and clothes that are really good. If your problem when you shopping you will find pants that fall at the right height, or coats and jackets that you do not disappear, then try to follow these tips on how to choose the look, such as priority items and how to combine the pieces.


High-heeled shoes with 12 cm are girls best friends minute. Of course, I’m not comfortable, and indeed you could restrict at least the occasions when you have to be at peak form and beauty. The plateau can help you make more convenient the heeled shoes, so you can opt for heels and plateau.

Another little tip: nude-colored shoes, neutral or pink meat increases the natural height effect you want.

Choose always thin belts

A good trick to not increase the effect “petite woman” is certainly not wear flashy belts, which often just high and skinny models can afford.

Choose always thin belts that emphasize figure without letting it disappear behind a strip of leather or of leather.

Wearing skinny pants

They are jeans or not, try to wear skinny pants, why emphasize and extend legs. Dark colors, of course, are preferable to those clear.

Soft trousers are perhaps more comfortable, but certainly less elegant, less beautiful, and hardly give!

The mesh v-neck help slim the figure

The purpose of dressing, if you’re Petite or low, is always to slim. So in addition to skinny jeans and heels with plateau, between the tops and sweaters are those with v-neck, stretching the figure. In addition of course to emphasize the breasts or a beautiful décolleté.

The shorts, Short and practical

Shorts require balance, when you’re petite. Better avoid culottes and hot pants, you would get the opposite effect. Instead, aim for short shorts that resemble the miniskirts and get the same effect: Slim legs.

Miniskirts: the Petite girl’s must-haves

As the shorts (the right length), even miniskirts are the must have low girl. Better a mini to a languets skirt or a medium height, which would tend to get you too, making you disappear. The important thing is to play with gusto.

Here’s what not to buy while shopping!

Now that you know what to wear, check out the list of what not to wear (possibly never):

Maxi dresses

Long skirts

High boots

Dresses and oversized jerseys

Too flashy accessories

Wide belts

Fluffy dresses

Low shoes

And you’re not the only one! Here are the star minute you can inspire you for your look!

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What to wear at the first meeting with your parents. The golden rules in order not to make mistakes

The first impression counts a lot, especially when you need to meet your parents for the first time! Follow our advice and you’ll be sure not to make mistakes

Meet your parents for the first time is an important event, an examination to which you want to submit to the Max. That is why it is a source of many anxieties: just one little mistake, and they’ll remember forever! The usual need to be perfect for every occasion here is likely to become a nightmarish experience.

But don’t be afraid! Follow our advice on what to wear to the first meeting with the future in-laws and be certain not to Miss!

Informed about the type of evening


Before meeting the parents of yours, it’s good that you know exactly what kind of evening will be, to think about a proper look.

Try especially to understand: where will be held the meeting? Dinner at home or at a restaurant

Tip on the class


Being classy at the first meeting with the parents of your kid doesn’t necessarily mean dressing up to the nines. If the occasion requires, on the contrary, it is always best to be as simple as possible. A shirt and a pair of pants, with the right accessories, it can be more than enough.

The important thing is not to overdo it with decorations and embellishments, and especially on this occasion dressing according to: maybe it’s better not to wear your best high-heeled shoes if you’re going to a luncheon in the country house of your future in-laws and …

Renounce excessive necklines


It will be a much-repeated rule, but it is always: at the first meeting with parents not wearing clothes too low-cut.

As you can see in the choices above, ideally, a dress or a top-round-neck, or if you really don’t want to give up a neckline, which is not excessive!

Better to avoid too short dresses or skirts


As for necklines that show too, the same goes for legs. Especially in the first encounter, it’s best to avoid skirts or dresses too short. You’re not at a relaxed meeting with friends, you’re knowing your future in-laws, and opportunities to show your legs will not fail!

As a good rule, choose a dress or a skirt whose rim descends at the same height as the tip of your fingers when you hold your arms along the body. If the hem of the skirt is higher than the fingertips, maybe you should change your look.

Uses a discrete makeup


For make-up, as for everything else, the rule is not overdoing it. Choose light shades and read, that you intoning to your complexion, avoiding eye shadows and blush too showy.

Choose beautiful shoes but not impossible


For chapter shoes, obviously you have to choose something suitable to the occasion. Once you understand what type of event this is, you already know better what to choose.

First of all must be practical shoes, you know well, do not buy for the occasion, so that you don’t make your feet hurt and it is difficult to walk. Or if you really want to buy new shoes for the event, try them a few times at home, in order to adapt to the fullest.

Shoes with a discreet heel, or perhaps of Ballet flats, are the best choice. The important thing is not to bring the stiletto that would make everything more difficult and uncomfortable!

Discover here the 18 types of high-heeled shoes to choose from.

The jewels: few but good


Less is more. Is especially true for jewelry, more than ever, an event that requires discretion and simplicity. To meet your boyfriend’s parents, choose jewelry that are not too gaudy or too bright. To wear a whole set of jewellery, and remains on a combination with two: earrings and necklace and bracelet, or ring. These two combinations are not random, because distributing points of light between face and hands without accumulate them into a single area.

A good idea, and a great trick, you wear a jewel that makes sense: something you got your boyfriend perhaps, or a jewel that belonged to your mother or your grandmother. It will be a great topic of conversation, especially for your mother-in-law!

Wear something that makes you feel relaxed and safe


All the advice you’ve read so far are excellent for making a good impression, but one thing most of all counts: for you must be a good day, not just a source of anxiety from performance.

A way to be comfortable is to wear something that you feel good, relaxed and secure. Wearing something of your favorite color, or the shoes you love more, those that keep aside for special occasions like this!

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An important tip

This advice does not apply to your clothing, but most will blow everything else: bring a small gift for your mother-in-law!

Nothing too expensive, that would create only embarrassment: a beautiful flower bouquet is sometimes more effective than anything else.

Short legs? No problem, our tips will help you slim your figure. Discover them all!

Short legs can be quite a problem when trying to look their best. Some things seem impossible to afford, like oversize sweaters and jackets long, which accorcerebbero figure, others you would always ask: can I permettermele?

For doubts and pains of having short legs, come to your rescue our tips on how to dress, to slim the figure making you feel more comfortable.

Discover them all!

Your ideal shopping list

High-wasted pants


Short jackets

Monochrome or full dresses

A-line short skirts

Empire style dresses

Vertical lines

Heeled shoes color nude

Shoes with plateau

  1. High waist

For the lower part of your look, namely pants and skirts, always choose high-wasted patterns, which lead the eye shape and blend the top and bottom.

Picking up the line about life will make your legs look longer. If you want to add the heels, even better!

  1. shorter than the skirt, longest legs

You are among the fortunate who have to wear the miniskirt. A very short skirt in fact will increase the effect leg length, even when they are too short!

And in winter? Wearing of socks, maybe the color of your complexion, or black, you certainly more rush!

  1. Wearing short jackets

The jackets are a painful chapter, if you have short legs, but not too much. It’s true, you can’t wear long jackets (or shirts), but the important thing is that the hem of the jacket do not fall below your hips.

This would indeed increase the effect short legs. A short giacchino will be your best ally!

  1. The monochrome is magic!

When this is complete, with skirt or pants, with or without jacket, remember the golden rule for women with short legs: the monochrome is best broken!

Wear one color only will do indeed seem like the longest and harmonic figure, because it’s not too obvious where ends the torso and legs where they start. And then, don’t underestimate the inimitable elegance of a beautiful solid full o.

  1. Skater chic

Pretend to be a dancer of ice skating! The skirts used by those athletes indeed would be ideal for you.

Trapeze skirts are out of line to close on the flanks and spreads downwards, but they are also, and this Court, in the contrast between the volumes, will give a sleek look to your legs.

Watch Bella Thorne’s example below, and then try to believe!

  1. Return of Empire style fashion!

The clothes or the Empire style lines are those that do not mark the sides, but just below the breasts, leaving the rest of the dress or “floating” mesh.

Empire style lengthens the figure from the bust, and this would give you two merits: make your legs look longer, and let go of this fashion style!

  1. Viva maxi skirts!

Maxi skirts are the best friend of every kind of woman. For those who have short legs, even more! Contrary to what you might think, maxi skirts do not cut figure, highlighting little slender legs.

Just wear under a skirt or maxi heels high boots with plateau, the wedge, and you’re done! The important thing is to be careful to skirt hem: must not touch the floor!

  1. The importance of illusion

The lines? No problem, you can wear, but it’s better to be thin, and vertical! Even rows, if chosen well, can contribute to the illusion that your legs are longer than they are.

  1. Nude colour heels Port

Shoes with heels nude colour, or flesh-colored, are something that all should have in the wardrobe! Not only are fine with everything, but create a sleek effect precisely because they become an extension of the legs, keeping the same color of the complexion.

Caution: avoid shoes and booties several, especially of colors that contrast too much with your complexion. Accorcerebbero too you not figure no favors!

  1. An value added: the plateau

The importance of high heels, preferably nude-colored, we said. Here we can only add more value in terms of height can you wedges and plateau.

If you choose, the plateau is getting better: will make you taller and slender, and will thus feel comfortable with your look!

What not to buy while shopping:

Lorgnette skirts

Oversized clothes

Long shirts

Low-rise jeans

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Ankle boots or shoes

Excessive prints

Half-height boots

Watch the look of these celebrities to get some inspiration!

What I wear to a cocktail party? Here are the golden rules to follow in order not to make mistakes

“At a cocktail party wearing a cocktail dress”. It seems simple, but it isn’t at all! Find the right cocktail dress is not easy, and great choice could complicate things. Sequin dress or minimal? Long or short? Skirt or trousers? And accessories? Not to mention makeup and hair…

To avoid drowning in a sea of doubts, read our advice on what to wear to a cocktail party, to make a figure not beautiful, but perfect!

Dress for the occasion

Before you begin, it is important to understand which social event you attend, and what is expected in terms of clothing. Is a holiday among friends? An official occasion? Where is the party? All these details are important to understand how to behave, sure to be cited as “the one that was wrong.”

Different events, and even the different places where you can organize, require different behaviors, and advise with other invited, always make sure that you are familiar with them, it is a lifeline. Otherwise, you’re still single! Here are some suggestions below.

Let’s start from where you wouldn’t expect: the skirts. The cocktail party is not required to wear a dress, unless the invitation does not expressly so requests! The skirts, the right ones, are a good alternative if you’re free to choose. And then they give you more freedom to mix with different tops, shirts or jackets. You can create a broken between skirt and top, or a coordinated, fun with accessories. In short, firstly, by rein to your creativity!

A small Tip: If you wear a short skirt, make sure whatever the longer of your arms when you hold down the sides. If your fingertips down over the hem of her skirt, mean that it is too short, and you’re in disco area.

Choose a suitable dress

If you opt for the suit, which is the right one, and it is perfect! First of all it must send, extolling the virtues and hiding the flaws.

For this you may see our fashion tips according to your forms.

Once you understand what you can afford and what not according to your forms, you can choose the one that makes you more elegant, perhaps a bit daring. Precious fabrics, original prints, dresses that leave your back uncovered, necklines, anything goes, as long as it is not excessive or tacky!

The first class of all…

Good taste must remain a fixed point: If you hear of daring too, and think you are on the brink of excess, better step back! Better to attract admiring glances that disapproval and…

The sense of proportion should be your good adviser: you don’t have to be neither too decorated nor too “nude”, and still be stylish you will ever see!

This would be the time to pull in the dance famous little black dress was talking about Coco Chanel, the simple black dress that makes you chic with a little. Yet, you would understand if you were tired of the classic black suit and discreet. An example of how to escape this law without the general disapproval are pictured above. A bright dress with flared skirt, as in ‘ the 50 best Dior, could do for you.

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Trendy Fashion Jewellery

Fashionable necklaces from silver and much more in large selection of jewelry make it yourself

Who relies on trendy jewelry fashion, should decide maybe jewelry for Pandora, because jewelry has that certain something, whether it is the popular silver jewellery, necklaces for women, necklaces for men or jewellery engraving, is a Pandora’s Box doesn’t matter.

This trendy necklace not only impresses with pure silver jewelry, but for necklaces for women and also for necklaces for men symbols, stones of the month, crosses, zodiac circle or heart used here, which very many combination possibilities.

Also towards the purchase of jewelry engraving appears on popular demand, because it is a special character in the society with this accessory and will always again happy to remember the occasion.

Fashion jewelry online shop gets you not only in the jeweler

So, one can assume that it must be not always overly expensive accessories to flay impression and to convince people of his class.

It must be therefore not always gold or silver jewelry, because also a necklace with slightly bolder forms, which you can buy in the costume jewellery online shop, looks very elegant.


Buy online cheap trendy clothing and fashion accessories

Online shopping has unlikely many advantages. At the present time, the number of those who shop on the Internet in an online store or a virtual department store, immensely increasing. Greedy bargain hunters are always on the market square on the road Internet, fashion – trendsetters are information and interested in parts. Trendy clothes and the latest fashion accessories are in demand

Visit easy – its worth.

Online order – simply

Order in the Internet online 24 hours to the week on the day, 7 days, because there are no limits. The number of products, from which you can choose is almost infinite and you can see all the necessary product information in any article by means of a single clicks. It is incredibly convenient and extremely practical not only in the city having to go and find a parking space. Above all you need because different things not from store to store, you got it right in front of himself and with a few clicks of the mouse you have, what you are looking for. You can really find the cheapest goods due to the possibility of the automatic price comparison. You will find for example pockets on find it with security in the selection.

What makes a good online store?

Online shops present continuously new products. A visit to the same shop offers new products. You can get information about offers and trends via automatic newsletter from the shop. Simply visit You can consult with but also in many shops directly. The shop team is for its clients always at the pulse of time. Through the “shopping cart”, you have a good overview, what was already selected. After ordering, you will get a confirmation to check. The direct delivery home saves you time, money and nerves. Payment by debit or credit card is also very convenient and safe.

Making cheaper?

Online stores pay no rent, no electricity and water costs for a store, no assistants, no storage etc. Often, the shops also cheaper goods through bankruptcy, closeouts acquisitions etc., coupons and discounts have come benefit the customer, you can easily search for the cheapest offer.


Young fashion for trendy ladies

Classic and always fully in line with the trend: women’s jeans. You will find in the women’s fashion collections by blind date casual and blind date women jeans make leg. hot washes, destroyed effects and All-Over prints in different styles of Jeggings and skinny to boot cut and straight for a cool look. The versatile jeans fit to all of your favorite clothes, as well as the upper parts of our women’s trendy clothing range. In this you will find also lingerie, comfortable underwear for every day and great swimwear for women. With accessories, you can do your individual style underline or change your look. Combine fun, let yourself be inspired by our Lookbook or browse ‘ in the We love Magazine brand new trends.

Women’s clothing

You love fashion? You put value on stylish outfits, no matter where you are and what you are doing? Our brands blind date women and blind date casual offer trendy women’s clothing for every occasion. Combine convenient Chino pants sweaters or blouses for business outfits and casual leisure with ladies. In combination with oversize shirts and sweatshirts, jeans are right for a relaxed look in the school. The look is super comfortable on a long school day, trendy washes and motif prints, you’re always top styled.


Discover trendy cool fashion

The OWNOW fashion social shop offers iconic and trendy fashion with a sporty touch. Who wants to see the fashion spot and make especially great bargains?

Is there enough online stores for fashion? That’s true for one, but on the other hand there are there large differences. Many shops are due to a large range and a style diversion user unfriendly. We do not see clearly the forest for the trees! Why should we scroll through dozens of Web sites in search of a cool T-shirt? After the third page, it’s simply no fun anymore and we order the next best or often none!

Targeted cool fashion shopping

Here is different: OWNOW fashion does not every brand, but selected trend brands of such as United colors of benetton. The range a perfect match. You can combine the jeans of blue monkey with the shirt of united colors of benetton and to choose the leather jacket by PME legend. It dials back hats, scarves and bags from other brands. Individually put together his trademark outfit, go here fix and is simply fun. This is really because you must rummage through not many pages, but quickly comes to the target. Save time when fashion shopping is an important factor today!

The whiff of adventure is in the air

Clearly, this shop offers no business fashion, but trendy urban sporty outfits. It is fashion for modern adventurers who want to enjoy both the city life and nature. With fleece jackets, vests, cool shirts and matching accessories, it is optimally set up for outdoor activities and long Club evenings. Casualness is trumps here. Iconic styles are created on the fly. Those who seek not just cool fashion, but also funny, comes here, as at his own expense. The Mumbai brand Mufti for example, decorated his shirts with brash colorful moose.

The shop carries brands like


Peter England

John players

Knight hood

Kat Work

Vera Moda


H & M

M & S



louis vuitton


And many others.