What apparels men hate and women love

Many fashion apparels trends that the heart beat women to reap by the Lords of creation often just shake your head. It is once again clear: the flavours are just completely different.

Women love fashion apparels, buy men clothing apparels. While women select fashion fashionable and emotional point of view, men remains virtually unchanged. Only if the constantly listed by pair of shoes or the proverbial last shirt, they provide supplies. Women prefer vary according to current trends, getting around but not always for men.

The tastes of men and women could not be more different. The difference between the two hottest is evident above all in a field – fashion. While themselves women follow seemingly every trend, the supposedly stronger hot, why they do wonders.

When it comes to the designers, we wrap us in this summer continue to harem pants, jumpsuits and babydolls – a thorn in the side of the men. Jumpsuits look advantageous as a rule only on the models on the billboards, harem pants cheat extra kilos on the thighs, rather than hide them, and babydoll dresses make every woman look pregnant immediately. As far as the opinions of men. Women argue with “that’s just said” or a simple “this is but so comfortable”.

Similarly, it looks with the colour blocking. Seems a bright colour for the colour shy eye of men in order to be, several together remind them of parrots. If we have to be honest, the men with their arguments have not completely wrong.



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