Wedding jewellery

The wedding season is in full swing and not only raises the question of the bride for the perfect dress and the best cake, but also the appropriate jewellery. The trends change as the conventional jewellery, also in the bridal jewellery. Chains and especially earrings may use this season quietly a statement and not a bride should renounce gold and glittering stones. We tell you which wedding jewellery you are 2014 just right.

Make a statement

The modern necklace for the bride fits tightly to the neck and may be above all not too thin. Especially to a traditional simple white dress fit Colliers, which are filled with larges tones? Here a trend has prevailed also in the wedding jewellery, the great designers for 2014 have made popular: the statement necklace. The chain is particularly good, it is important to match them on the dress. Suitable for a romantic look is mainly necklaces with pearls or colour stones, such as these two models of sweet Deluxe: know more about jewellery please visit at

solotaires jewel


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