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Our young fashion shop offers young men’s street wear for various occasions and situations. Collection, we have compiled our latest men’s fashion, E.g. in an extra section with news from the men’s fashion. Here you can inform you about the most important trends and coolest street wear styles and Pocket a few parts.

Especially for big guys, we have a particularly athletic program with cool sweatpants, sweat suits, zip hoodies and comfortable club wear. But anyone who wants to beat a real bargain, which is likely interested in the reduced men’s fashion. Save range is also in regular men’s Street wear depending on the season there are men’s t shirts, some jackets, pants, shirts or sweatshirts always cheap.



Shop jewellery with socially at ownow

Women are often quite sophisticated and give a lot of hints about what they expect as a gift. and will usually always give you subtle. For the woman who has everything and is a little cumbersome, the road to the heart always jewellery. Women love to get a gift that means something.

If you are shopping for your Girlfriend – on you could always ask your Girl Friends friend to help you select the right Jewellery for her & you can make an informed choice.

It can be anything from classic to contemporary jewellery. Simply select whether it should be silver, gold or white gold. In the classical end is a simple ring, or exquisite earrings – something that can be always worn. And shown off… I call it adoring oneself

India has a great tradition of jewellery that is more than 5000 years old. For us there is jewellery for almost every part of the Human body, hair, ear, nose, arms, ankles, fingers, waist, etc.


Jewellery online shop in the OWNOW

Are you looking for jewellery? In the OWNOW online shop, you are exactly right. Here you will find a large selection jewellery for all claims, tastes and price ranges by fashion jewellery up to noble brand unique. Jewellery inspire people for many thousands of years.

Gems, necklaces, rings, earrings, fine watches and other jewellery decorate the people, enhance its appearance and are high quality and personal gifts for your loved ones. In our selection of jewellery, you will certainly find the right jewellery for any occasion.

Our range of jewellery is a true eye-catcher. The exhibits of the well known watches and jewellery manufacturer characterized by a striking at the same time simplicity and elegant design in stainless steel, which decorate every part of the body – whether as a necklace, bracelet or Anklet.


Gold jewellery shop online

Gold jewellery is one of the beautiful pieces of jewellery that are imperishable and beautiful at all times. Women and men alike adorn themselves with valuable accessories from gold. Our beautiful jewellery creations from the online shop of India tops are a gift you can make yourself and other loved ones for any occasion.

Of course, we lead not only beautiful gold jewellery in our collection, but also a variety of other jewellery as well as great Diamond Necklace. With and To find many more high quality and beautiful gift ideas, with which you can make your loved ones happy in addition to beautiful gold jewellery. Are you looking for a suitable gift for mother’s day? Maybe you opt for a magical pendant or a beautiful necklace.

Fashion jewellery for women's online

Discover on a daily basis fashion

Many women square measure attentive to the problem: within the evening once work one is just too exhausted to drive within the town, planning to many stores for women’s fashion, and to check the provide. Such looking has usually very little} to try to to with fun and relaxation! World Health Organization has little time or just don’t need to pay his spare time in packed stores, ought to search for another. OWNOW is that the resolution. On OWNOW, there’s a good choice of women’s covering of assorted models, collections and designs. One clicks through the assorted offers, compares, considering and assembles the acceptable outfit. Additionally the matching neck scarf, an elegant bag from brandy Jacobs, fashion jewellery or perhaps a brand new combine of shoes by Buffalo for ladies is to seek out once OWNOW.


Apparels and Clothing Store

Personalise Apparels for you and all your loved ones. OWNOW has many million designs and thus a huge selection of Apparels such as T-Shirts, Jeans, Polo shirts and jackets. OWNOW custom Apparels is available for all ages and all sizes and offers something for every personality and occasion. Let your favourite design on your Apparels selection from over 1000 different finishes and colours print or embroider or create your unique Apparels Profile and let you create just for you.


In the fashion world Jewellery Trend

In the fashion world, the collections for the autumn and winter of 2014/2015 inspired by decades. These include knee-high boots with a block heel, leather skirts and coats, lush prints as well as ruffle details and garish colours. This is reflected also in the jewellery and watch trends: the then popular gold jewellery is today difficult in vogue. Gold bracelets, gold chains and gold earrings – the warm tone is the catcher for the cold season. This striking stones such as Topaz, Opal, Peridot, smoky quartz, Moonstone, but also classic diamonds complete the look. Gold-plated animal motifs, such as Leopard, Tiger or insects are important accessories to necklaces, bracelets and earrings. know more about jewellery please visit at


Solitaire Diamond Ring

The Solitaire is the first choice when it comes to the most important question in the world: Will you marry me Of course the ring symbolises this “only” a very great love, great feelings and emotions that two people share with each other. This love and connectedness exists of course also without the Solitaire. Or at least it should. 😉 However she becomes more beautiful through this diamond ring still around a lot, it is worn at the same time outward and to show everyone: we belong together and are connected forever, To want to spend our lives together. But what is it exactly that makes one the Solitaire engagement ring number and even around the world? And how has this tradition evolved actually? About, I will not leave you in the dark and so today tell you something more. know more about solitaire jewellery please visit



Jewellery buying is a matter of trust: we meet in our Social shop for jewellery and jewels in Mumbai the claim of the jewellery buyer. Thanks to our decades of experience in the jewellery trade, we are committed to high quality standards and maintain contacts with jewellery makers and jewellery designers worldwide. We work with gem for the review of our jewellery together as well as with goldsmith thing, when it comes to amendments. Our policy is to offer high quality jewellery in all price ranges. With us, you to find the modern necklace from collector colour precious stones and jewellery accessory for the sporty look as well as festive jewels for the evening wear. know more about jewellery please visit at


Jewellery, watches and precious materials

In my childhood I had a pronounced love of jewellery and accessories, which continues additionally in adulthood. whether or not fashion jewellery, real jewellery or natural ornaments there’s no day on which i am not a number of items of jewellery. More, than to possess him, the background I’m interested. The materials from that items of jewellery area unit created, the meanings behind individual pieces of jewellery and after all precious in and of itself.