OWNOW best online jewellery shop

OWNOW – jewellery, watches and accessories – piece by piece individuality made in India: stainless steel jewellery with beads, diamond rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and collecting jewellery, earrings or rings for friendship, engagement and wedding, watches or necklaces – for women and men.

The OWNOW stainless steel jewellery factory in Mumbai convinced through timeless design combined with exceptional ideas and materials. OWNOW stands for hand-crafted exclusively in Indian designer jewellery, which is produced not in mass and is subject to any fashion. Individuality is our ultimate design. You will find classic and simple jewellery as well as modern and striking jewellery. The perfect combination of high-tech and traditional handicraft is effective when each piece of jewellery in its own way. Kinder to the skin and anti-allergic stainless steel is stylishly combined solid real gold or with sparkling and precisely framed valuable brilliant cut diamonds. The combination of exceptional, high-quality jewellery materials such as ceramic, wood or rubber, and the game with different surfaces like satin, polished or structured to hand special accents. know more



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