Solitaire Jewellery

A single stone is called Solitaire, classically a brilliant, which is processed in a ring, earrings, or pendant.

A wide range of Solitaire

A Diamond Solitaire ring is considered the classic among the jewellery pieces. He is happy to present to large and smaller events presented as, but is very popular due to its high symbolic value as the engagement ring.

Studs with recluses can be combined during the day as also in the evening wonderfully and enhance any outfit. Alternatively, you’ll find at OWNOW jewellery of also Creoles with ever a brilliant cut diamond in a tension setting.

Diamonds are most commonly cut brilliant cut. The form of this cut reflects most of the light from the high number of facets (58 facets) and the sophisticated proportions and brings the stone to the rays.

Numerous versions for a beautiful sparkle

OWNOW you will find jewellery including rings, pendants and earrings processes with a Solitaire in sandblasted. This technique lets much light on the stone, it is also very delicate and elegant.

The also very popular blurred version of the brilliant is wrapped completely by precious metal, it is therefore considered most secure Variant. A small recess in the floor of the amended guaranteed getting here enough light on the stone.

The clamping version is a relatively young and modern technique. Here, the stone is held only at two points by stress in the metal and this shines in all its beauty.

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