is professional in terms of watches, jewellery and wedding rings for over 20 years. Thanks to our many years of experience and tradition, we can offer our Mumbai customers for much jeweller OWNOW. Whether wedding rings, watches, gold buying and processing or brand jewellery, our jewellery range is expanded all the time new copies. So you to find always the latest and highest quality jewellery, the hottest ladies and Gents watches and many other highlights jeweller OWNOW. Also, jeweller OWNOW is your first point of contact in terms of wedding rings. With a selection of over 2000 wedding rings, we are one of the leading wedding ring specialists in Mumbai. For the perfect marriage proposal, we provide you with the perfect engagement ring out with free engraving. Just visit us in one of our Mumbai branches and see for yourself! Thanks to our online shop for jewellery, watches and you can benefit now but also from home wedding rings from our expertise. know more about jewellery please visit at


Buy jewellery as a highlight of the accessories at OWNOW

No jewellery, nothing goes in the current fashion. Long chains, bracelets and earrings are a must-have. Silver and gold jewellery are the most popular variants, using natural materials or plastics. The designs of jewellery for women, and are especially diverse. But men can buy jewellery from a huge range. Casual bracelets, rings or simple chains To find favour in fashion-conscious Men. Before all chic watches have done to them. Not without reason, designers bring wrist watches with exceptional looks on the market. Rolex is a particularly desirable brand – watches of this brand are the absolute eye-catcher and in addition are characterized by a high quality finish. But other manufacturers offer watches in their jewellery collections, which can be combined perfectly to the casual look or a chic suit, and these are also real gems. In addition to high-quality fashion and great interior design ideas, Heine offers world, in which you can browse online quietly in the online shop also a jewellery. With just a few clicks, you can then buy the jewellery and keep in a few days in the hands. know more about jewellery please visit at

OWNOW best online jewellery shop

OWNOW – jewellery, watches and accessories – piece by piece individuality made in India: stainless steel jewellery with beads, diamond rings, chains, necklaces, bracelets and collecting jewellery, earrings or rings for friendship, engagement and wedding, watches or necklaces – for women and men.

The OWNOW stainless steel jewellery factory in Mumbai convinced through timeless design combined with exceptional ideas and materials. OWNOW stands for hand-crafted exclusively in Indian designer jewellery, which is produced not in mass and is subject to any fashion. Individuality is our ultimate design. You will find classic and simple jewellery as well as modern and striking jewellery. The perfect combination of high-tech and traditional handicraft is effective when each piece of jewellery in its own way. Kinder to the skin and anti-allergic stainless steel is stylishly combined solid real gold or with sparkling and precisely framed valuable brilliant cut diamonds. The combination of exceptional, high-quality jewellery materials such as ceramic, wood or rubber, and the game with different surfaces like satin, polished or structured to hand special accents. know more


How jewellery suits what opportunity?

That one does not necessarily buy a ring of mother, should be clear. Here, a necklace, brooch or bracelet is a more convenient gift. The Lord should buy a good friend no ring too, which might misunderstand you. Therefore, it is important to consider also the relation to the done at the time of purchase and are looking at the retailer an appropriate inspiration for jewellery. Also the choice between gold and silver should be a criterion for the purchase. What good is it, if the loved one to buy a gold ring and wears these just pieces of jewellery made of white gold. So when the purchase also. Precious rings, elegant necklaces or exclusive earrings are often miniature works of art. They are offered in the trade in gold with different carat weight, fine silver, or as fashion jewellery.

While you can buy the jewellery without hesitation cheap in our online shop, you should go rather in high quality jewellery in the jewellery business. There is also the right advice and high-quality goods. Jewellery enhances the appearance and creates such a better self-awareness. This occurs in both men and women. Special events such as an engagement, a wedding or baptism require high-quality jewellery gifts, because they are usually inherited and delight generations still under certain circumstances. Also a good investment can be jewellery. know more about jewellery please visit at

Solitaire Jewellery

A single stone is called Solitaire, classically a brilliant, which is processed in a ring, earrings, or pendant.

A wide range of Solitaire

A Diamond Solitaire ring is considered the classic among the jewellery pieces. He is happy to present to large and smaller events presented as, but is very popular due to its high symbolic value as the engagement ring.

Studs with recluses can be combined during the day as also in the evening wonderfully and enhance any outfit. Alternatively, you’ll find at OWNOW jewellery of also Creoles with ever a brilliant cut diamond in a tension setting.

Diamonds are most commonly cut brilliant cut. The form of this cut reflects most of the light from the high number of facets (58 facets) and the sophisticated proportions and brings the stone to the rays.

Numerous versions for a beautiful sparkle

OWNOW you will find jewellery including rings, pendants and earrings processes with a Solitaire in sandblasted. This technique lets much light on the stone, it is also very delicate and elegant.

The also very popular blurred version of the brilliant is wrapped completely by precious metal, it is therefore considered most secure Variant. A small recess in the floor of the amended guaranteed getting here enough light on the stone.

The clamping version is a relatively young and modern technique. Here, the stone is held only at two points by stress in the metal and this shines in all its beauty.

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The fashion jewellery online store with huge selection

There are certainly many online shops that offer current trend jewellery on the net. But the online-shop of love thing-fashion jewellery is more than a pure shop for fashion jewellery

Here fashion-conscious consumers and trend-setter find also trendy fashion by international designers. Jeans, T-Shirts, blouses and dresses are in the online shop love thing fashion jewellery available. And anyone looking for the appropriate accessories to the trend jewellery, will also find it. over one hundred different accessories available here, whether handbags, belts, Handy bags, towels, wallet key chains and fashionable scarves, the selection is not only huge, but also noble. know more about jewellery please click this link


Welcome to the OWNOW and jewellery shop

We welcome you in our online jewellery shop. For over 25 years, we serve customers as fair and competent partner in terms of jewellery and diamonds available.

In our online shop you find a wide range of jewellery of pieces of and diamonds.

Left outside, you will find the different categories such as diamond jewellery, diamond rings, Pearl Jewellery with South Sea pearls or Tahitian pearls, wedding rings, chains and necklaces, earrings, trailer, sets and exclusive body piercing jewellery out of 750/000 yellow gold or white gold. These headings are divided accordingly further.

High-quality brand jewellery at attractive prices. Festive sparkling jewellery with genuine Swarovski crystals. Solid silver jewellery in timeless beauty. Elegant Tanishq and Swatch bijoux. Colourful radiant gemstone jewellery with Amethyst, Sapphire, Topaz, or other valuables. And of course delicate shimmering real jewellery with Pearl shining pearl. Who wants exclusive jewellery, have fortunately not to wait until you get it free: to the jewellery shop of ownow is there for every claim the matching jewellery – at the irresistible price. Know more about jewellery please visit at