Mistakes You Do While Buying New Shoes

Once with everyone it happened, when you found shoes to fit your style and when you got home, you felt that was a huge faux pas? It happens with everyone and we tend to get annoyed sometimes. The worst part is, you spend your money on a pretty pair of shoes that doesn’t fit you and lying in your closet covering by dust.

Shopping mistakes can happen with anyone, Not only with shoes but with clothes/apparels and accessories. Certainly, we cannot win all the time. If you have experienced, how to deal with shopping anxiety there will be a win situation for you. Help others who do mistake in shopping and make a better world.

Before you go to buy your new shoes, we have some advice, a must know ideas for the oblivious on how to deal with shopping mistake when buying footwear. You will end up buying a good pair of comfy footwear. Here’s the list of Mistakes people do While Buying footwear.

  • Shopping at the wrong time of day

It’s normal for your feet to swell up a during the day and science behind is, You put lots of weight on your feet whole day by walking or allowing fluid to get settle in them by sitting for long. In fact, we advise shopping for footwear late between 5:00 pm as well as 9:00 am. In the day to make sure you buy shoes that will fit perfect entire day.feet-1

  • Trial only on carpet

Do you know why shoe stores are covered with carpet beneath? Any idea? No right? Well because people who try footwear on carpet feel comfort while walking in it and that’s a mistake we do. Find floor area in store and that’s where you will see how comfy can your shoe is.

  • Assuming they’ll stretch

Don’t let salesman take control over you; don’t assume your shoe may stretch if it’s not while wearing perhaps it won’t be in future. Don’t take risk of spending your hard earned money and never say that you will suffer through it.

  • Not walking Long

People do mistake while not walking long, Take a small stride so that you’ll get to know the comfort of it. Pay close attention to how your feet feel as you’re strutting. Are your toes pinching? Are your heels popping up? Don’t disregard these signs. If you feel it for few minutes wonder how feet will feel it for long hours.

  • Trying Shoes on Only One Foot

Don’t be lazy this time. Test both shoes because you will be going to wear them together. Feet are tending to be not the same size .Possibly your one foot will be larger than the counterpart and it could differ the shape. When you try only one foot, you’re only half the way.

  • Not wear the right socks

When you’re buying shoes wear socks which you going to wear always with the shoes when you try them. If you wear boots and thick woolly socks what’s the point of wearing thin socks while trying? When you go home and check with thick socks this aren’t going to help, the shoes might not fit.boot

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As a young girl, some of them have grown up with a deeply anchored love for high-quality jewellery. Well, it is true that I would always prefer real jewellery always fashion jewellery. Nevertheless, fashion jewellery also has its advantages.


Advantages of fashion jewellery

Often convinced costume jewellery through a reasonable price. So you can quickly build a whole collection of different stems and combine the pieces daily to the most diverse outfits. A chain is used to round off with me even only to a single outfit. Gorgeous is this opportunity. With the arrival of online shopping or E-commerce sites, you can easily choice from an extensive collection of fashion jewellery that includes rings, bracelets, anklets, chains, earrings, and so on in a series of prices that suit your requirements.


Disadvantages of fashion jewellery

Cheap quality is unfortunately also having some disadvantages. Unfortunately, you can often not rely on durability when it comes to fashion jewellery because of their fragile behaviour. likely shades fade away, broke the locks and the stones fall out.DO you have earrings or necklace repaired several times because it was broken and you don’t want to give up your favourite one?

The drawback of fashion jewellery is that it is just a fast and cheap solution and also just a short time. If fashion jewellery is broken or damaged, it is usually impossible to repair. Some fashion jewellery does not cost much but meanwhile there is some “brand fashion jewellery” that can cost you .You have to ask yourself whether it is really worth its price. Repairs or changes are usually impossible as soldering produces temperatures that this jewellery cannot withstand.

Alternative to boots

It can always be that someone does not like boots. For this case, there are the fashionable lace-up boots, which on the other hand are more practical for everyday life and can be combined with fashionable outfits on the other hand. You should choose these mainly in the colours black, brown or grey. Of course, you can also choose between leather, artificial leather or suede leather look. The great advantage of these shoes is that they are very versatile. They are suitable both for a casual performance in the leisure time as well as for a chic outfit for the evening. Do not neglect cowboy and biker boots. These are best combined with a tight pair of jeans. In colour, you have more scope, even light brown models are announced. However, the designed care bright shoes somewhat more complicated. It is better to have different pairs to choose from, in order to round off each outfit with the right shoes.For full post visit Ownow blogspot

Everything about fashion, clothes and you

In Society we where we live is obsessed with physical appearance and a trendy fashion, wearing clothes that look good on you helps you to make a good impression. In addition to that, if you wear right clothes You feel exceptionally good about yourself, and that is a confidence booster, Clothing needs are one of the basic needs.

With an increase of customers desire to experiment high brands, and big brand is always looking to introduce new trends to the customer with their style preferences. Your best daily search is not possible. However, with the right choice of style, colour, and fit, you can now get the world with a little more confidence in. Fashion is fun, so don’t think it the streets is your runway, will make your stay an unforgettable experience.

The right pants for your figure

Bootcut Jeans

Who does not know that? Here too much as too little. Every woman has probably one or the other Problem zone. No problem, because with the right pants on your hips, you can make distract from your critical zones and these conceal wonderfully. See which trouser suits your character and who what types of pants are!
Bootcut The Classic -Bootcut Jeans . It owes its name these trousers form the exhibited below legs, which allow even a boot ( “boot”) to wear the jeans. What is boot cut jeans? The pants are actually each. Especially women with slightly stronger legs can have their legs look narrower and longer using the bootcut jeans and in combination with high heels. The flared leg ensures that is deflected by a powerful thigh.

Cargo pants

An absolute trend for 2016 is the cargo pant. Characteristic are patched and sewn pockets in the thigh or knee area. Originally comes trousers from the military and is also now mostly in khaki tones. What is a cargo pant? These pants form require a narrow hips and slim silhouettes, for patch pockets , decorative stitching and quilting wear visually and have strong thighs still look wider. Androgynous figures with little curves are these pants best.

Straight cut

The straight-cut pants have been around for years, and the simple average enjoys uninterrupted popularity. They are available in all possible colors and fabrics. What is a straight cut? The nice thing is: this form is any figure from narrow to corpulent straight cut suits all body shapes. Moderately well this is pants form particularly useful in super powerful legs because of the simple interface is chubby legs beautiful proportions.

Skinny jeans

The super close variant of Skinny Jeans: Skinny jeans. As the name suggests these pants tight to the bone and physical. Unlike the traditional straight leg trouser legs not straight, but are used to walking distance towards ever closer. What is a skinny jean? Best so sees skinny jeans in slim and narrow women. Women with an androgynous silhouette, but women with wider hips and a round butt can pant shape wearing wonderful. Strong calves, however, are not laminated in this skin-tight pant, but additionally emphasized.

Dresses Etiquette- Dress code for business occasion

As a general rule: In the single – or double-breasted in anthracite or dark grey, will look right for you.

single row of three button jackets, a vest on it, but never Worn double breasted Suit.

Worn Classic shoes fit, at best a white or light blue shirt with tieblack socks and dark.

But be careful: adjust the level of expense to the occasion!

Business occasions

  • Job interview
  • Everyday business
  • Business dinner in the evening


  • Rules:
  • The first personal impression is put to the test here. Prove your positive, adult and sovereign, but not arrogant attitude with your clothes. Your attire is a sign that you have everything under control.
  • In the case of applications for management positions and high positions, wear business clothes, you wear otherwise.
  • Description:
  • Classic, but not too elegant!
  • Dark suit, preferably grey or dark blue. No fashion colours!
  • Double breasted without a vet or single-breasted waistcoat – to decide according to the figure. The style is of the industry in which you are applying, to adapt.
  • Shirts should be the best white or light blue. It is specially maintained when wearing a shirt with cuff links to the dignified ensemble of business, where this is appropriate for the application only in conservative industries or superior positions.
  • Ties on the suit must are tailored silk in modern or classic designs! The end of the tie must be exactly up to the belt buckle and not ends above or on the abdomen.
  • No Experiments with “hilarious” tie designs, leather or knitted ties. Forgo the tie only in sectors in which emphasizes loose fashion deal with. Always wear at the job interview not fly.
  • Best black socks(not white, colored or patterned) and Black, freshly cleaned shoes.
  • Wear always a belt, pants with belt loops and whose colour you choose always fit your shoes.
  • A gentleman should wear no more jewellery than his wristwatch, his wedding ring, or in exceptional cases a family Signet Ring. Particularly applies to positions in the management: no earrings, no chains, piercing, bracelets or additional rings.
  • Perfume them discreetly and never directly before the interview.
  • Your documents for the interview (additional curriculum vitae and references etc.) please in the understated Briefcase, but in a leather Briefcase.
  • Everyday business:
  • Rule:
  • Their clothing should never interfere with your work, be never “overdressed” and never stir up the resentment of your colleagues.
  • The currency should be maintained, accurate and at the same time modern and casual for the appearance of your everyday life.


  • Description:
  • As a general rule: the suit is standard equipment!
  • For the professions or superior positions specific is still the “dress code” of the traditional dark suit and the above attributes of a “gentleman “outfits.
  • The time is especially correct cutting-edge Pinstripe suit in combination with colourful silk ties. Very British!
  • Also, a combination of men’s jackets and pants can be worn instead of the suit. Common ensembles are the English look of Tweed jackets and colour coordinated wool pants or the classic look with dark blue Blazer from worsted, grey flannel trousers, shirt, and striped tie.
  • Increasingly also the trendy is Italian single-row two-parter in discreet colours such as cognac, Brown, and khaki lightweight wool, cotton or corduroy in professional life.
  • It is crucial: you always looking for the perfect fit and good material, as well as a meticulous care of your clothes.
  • Business dinners in the evening:
  • Rules
  • Intrastate-but not “overdressed” . Evening business dinners or invitations for the tuxedo or “black tie” was not explicitly requested a noble classic appearance is advisable.
  • The use of breast pocket handkerchief is now left to the personal taste. Classic in white cotton, modern coloured silk or cashmere. The cloth should not be of the same material and patterns like the tie, but thus in harmony: a white cloth to the white shirt and simple tie to the heavily patterned tie a cloth that picks up a shade of Neckwear.
  • Cuff shirts are very suitable in the evening and almost indispensable in many industries and higher positions with cuff links.
  • Classy, discreet silk ties with woven structures and current trend colours in restrained pattern complete the dignified appearance.
  • As a general rule: a dark suit is a must! Wear a clean double breasted or single-row three-parter. The vest to the narrow single-breasted gives the outfit a formal character.


  • Official occasions:
  •  Dinner during the day:
  • Here it is to be aligned with the invitation: with official invitations for christenings, anniversaries or formal opening, you should be as well groomed, dressed like at a formal lunch.
  • However, the invitation is “black tie” for the one-day event or be invited to the Captain’s dinner on a cruise, the Tuxedo or the Dinner jacket (see the dress code for celebrations) is required.
  • Dinner in the evening:
  • According to the invitation form and venue of the event is here
  • attach the black or Nacht Blau Tuxedo (see the dress code for celebrations) or
  • the elegant and neat dark blue three-piece with the elegant accessory (see “business dinner”).
  • Opera / Theatre visit:
  • Who would like to present themselves as a connoisseur of “etiquette”, is now back in vogue, if he the
  • Classic Tuxedo in the Opera or a theatre premiere wearing. The elegant “little black dress” for him is the perfect his suit for fine evening events. (see dress code for celebrations)
  • For the visit of a small theatre or a long guest musical show, however, the dark classic is likely to recommend.

Men Shorts are the new fashion

Men in shorts have an image problem, at least outside the campsite. By this, they are themselves to blame. Only those who know the rules should dare to look.

A men’s short trousers have no influence, at least not in the urban habitat. And this is no surprise: for decades, men have ruined the reputation of the shorts by wearing sandals and white socks to pale, hairy legs. Who wants to still take the aesthetically incomprehensible and show leg in the middle of civilization, should know at least the rules.

In general, it comes in men always depends on what type it is, as to his age and his style. Above all, he should consider whether the length of his pants corresponds to the occasion. “On the beach or a relaxing barbecue in the garden are shorts okay,” says style adviser

Basically, shorts should be worn in Bermuda style. This means: not too short, the trouser hem ends slightly above the knee – long legs look too short shorts as the stork in the salad. And not too far – thin legs look in baggy shorts made even thinner.

Because shorts are strictly applied only for casual recreational occasions anyway, come as color mainly khaki, white or navy in question. As seen in Chino Bermuda but also in bright colors or pastel tones look good, which gives the look of the preppy “Preppy Style”.


How can I protect myself from man freezing cold? With the hottest fashion trends this winter! If you want to shine this winter with your outfit, then you are in the right place.

In this simple colours although come mostly used, with exciting materials make the designers their creations but to absolute eye-catchers.

Tops Woven knit pants from wool fabrics, leather shoes, coats and Tweed coats and complete Jean Looks, Are now trends for fashion-conscious men.

The trend for winter menswear uses sporty casual looks as well as everyday Outdoor trends and elegant business wear. Man finds there is plenty of inspiration for trendy outfits for every taste and every occasion.

And those are the  fashion trends for men in winterwinter-clothing


Winters can be bone chilling if you know what to wear to enjoy winter. You can now equip yourself with stylish knitting sweaters against the cold. The woolly tops just so bursting with comfort: especially heavy knitted versions are better to keep you warm and fashionable too. Classic plait or ribbed come as well as Look modern.

Colour should be simpler: mainly grey, black and dark blue dominate the assortments. Why being monotony when you can spice it up your clothing in winter season also, Buy dark shade of red and Pine Green wool sweaters. Whether round neck, standing or turtleneck – the knit sweater is best combined to narrow trousers.

Thicker round neck sweater, double row cardigans or thin cardigans in wool combine ideally with the hip Layering look, Here you can wear multiple layers clothing stack, for example. jacket with knit Cardigan over shirt over a long-sleeved shirt.

Also coarsely knitted scarves this winter be part in man’s wardrobe.



You can get a perfect companion on cold winter days: wool pants celebrate their comeback With this year. With creases or in the cut of a Chino the woolly leggings elegant – and fit perfectly to the coarse knit sweaters

Even cargo pants – typical worker trousers with side pockets on the thighs – are now made of wool fabrics and complement the equally casual look.

Trend According to the sections is rather narrow or slim fit – while a certain portion stretch is essential. The rough texture of wool pants Keeps you warm in winter and stands out from the usual jeans or cotton pants. If you Contrast it with grey and Brown It remains unremarkable.woolen-pants



The latest trends in fashion

 The latest trendsin fashion call for the merging of trends or rather a fusion of cultures to bring out the best from diversity.  From party wear to work wear, various combinations are being experimented by designers so as to collaborate the traditional indian with funky western.  http://ownow.com